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The world is tearing itself apart, and there is seemingly no ability to discern fact from fiction any longer. Who are the good guys vs. the bad guys? What is good for us vs. what will lead to fatal consequences for our country? Why does everyone not deserve to make up their own truth and other mystical beliefs that now guide our country’s (and the world’s) policies, investments, social mores, and more? Our focus today is how and why we decided to throw away the truth in favor of what makes us feel good.

About three years ago, I wrote the short book Unconventional War. I commenced with the following paragraph:

“In the latter half of the 20th century, the United States of America was the undisputed, most powerful force for good in the world and the lone remaining superpower. A nation that enshrined the concept of personal freedom and liberty above all else and the personal responsibility that comes with it as our primary core value. Our power and strength were enshrined in “The United States Constitution,” which guaranteed Individual Liberty, Freedom, and Rights. We used that freedom to create the greatest economic and social miracle the world has ever known. We were the nation that stood in the breach against Hitler, Mao, and Stalin, among others and created the Engine of the World. Seemingly, out of nowhere, a dystopian/Orwellian view developed amongst a surprising number of its citizens. That position directly attempts to refute the truth of how this miracle was achieved and the philosophies and actions that made it possible. The very legitimacy of the nation has been challenged.”

1Plus1Equals2 represents the indisputable truth of everything: life, mathematics, philosophy, and logic. Anyone, an institution, individual, company, or government that dares to say, “it depends” or “is a grey area,” is lying to you and themselves.  Plato understood that even in his day, “No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.” No one is entitled to their own version of the truth, but that does not stop our crazies from trying.


Rhythmic Resistance in Perfect Harmony:-


Case in point. All of us are watching the events happening at our most liberal universities. Let’s point out some curious behavior. Have you noticed on television that the protesters jump up and down in unison? You see this kind of behavior frequently in cults and African tribes. You also will notice constant chanting. A leader will say something like: “Al-Qassam, you make us proud,” and then the students retort with, “Kill another soldier now!” Or, “From the river to the sea,” followed by “Palestine is for the Arabs!” Many of these scripted chants are purposely designed to override individual thoughts to be replaced with mindless loyalty to a cult that thinks for them and gives them purpose. Giving up one’s identity in favor of the collective is the point of these demonstrations, not actually anything about Gaza, which they will affect very little.

Intelligent people understand what’s going on, and it’s about the destruction of American will and pride, much more than any passing issue, soon to be replaced by the next issue de jour. Rioting and demagoguery are the coin of the realm these days, moving from racism to safe spaces to defund the police and myriad other issues. It is telling that everything is focused on the creation of power over the universities themselves, not as much on the political process as Biden continues to send bombs, missiles, and bullets to Israel, all the while hiding out as much as he can while giving the impression of support for the Palestinian cause. It’s all a ruse.

Only now are we understanding that the same professional black-clothed individuals leading these false flag operations show up all over the country, whipping up hatred and anger on perfectly curated, empty young minds that want to believe they are enlightened. Except their enlightenment is scripted and paid for.

“When Eric Adams, the New York mayor, issued a warning about “outside agitators” infiltrating the pro-Palestinian demonstrations at Columbia University, his words were accompanied by video of students dutifully obeying orders from a grey-haired woman.

She was identified as Lisa Fithian, a New Yorker living in Texas. Yet, the 63-year-old would have needed no introduction to law enforcement officers involved with policing protests in the US for more than half a century.”

If we know who these agitators are, why doesn’t the Justice Department pursue them for the crime of conspiracy to subvert and overthrow our country? These people are the true traitors and, apparently, have free rein to continue their mischief that is thoroughly testing our democracy. It is illogical to allow them to continue, yet they almost seem protected. Where does their power come from? Who benefits and funds them?


Agitators in Action:-


We know there is a long list of people who fund them, including groups like:

  • Within Our Lifetime
  • The Ford Foundation
  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund
  • Jewish Voice for Peace
  • Open Society Foundation, established by George Soros

These are just a few of those we know about. Through our Free Speech Rights, we can go anywhere and say whatever we want, even if it is unpopular or makes others uncomfortable. What we are seeing today is different. We have professionally funded agitators that use any issue to gin up emotion and, ultimately, violence to weaken and divide our society. Allowing destructive behavior and dangerous ideas to take root is not Free Speech; it is criminal conduct and antithetical to a peaceful society. It is a conspiracy to overthrow our government through force by domestic and international players, Marxists and Nihilists all.

Biden is a lost cause. He’s hiding out and trying hard not to harm his Muslim voter base in Minnesota and Michigan. Have you heard that he’s thinking of bringing in Palestinians here and giving them a path to citizenship? The Progressives in Biden’s orbit make him the Manchurian Candidate. God help us all if he gets a tenth of what he’s doing. Nothing he does is logical for a leader who should hold American citizens’ safety and prosperity as his highest priority. The failure of the 1Plus1Equals2 test should be heavy on the minds of all of us.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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