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Two kinds of America exist today. Mine is the land of our founding Fathers and our rich and consequential history that led us to become the undisputed leader of the free world. That another America is a debased version, aligned with the wildly popular and self-replicating pop culture that purports to be about fairness, rights, and general prosperity for all but leads straight to oblivion. A world of nihilistic views and meaningless phraseology, rhymes, memes, and political sloganism (From the River to the Sea) falsely states it values the individual and the common good but leads instead to something weak and inbred.

That second view sees us all in lockstep of mediocrity. Our historical norms offered unlimited potential, while that inbred construct offers survival at best and slow death at worst. For those under 40, safety, survival, and disavowing competition (where one may not be successful) override the normal human condition. Today, I’ll talk about this and the way the Progressive Left uses social media as our version of Soma to ensure that the masses are passive and complacent while, at the same time, radicalized in a manner that fundamentally sets us up for destruction.

From Stability to Crisis: The Calculated Events:-


It took two events, neither of them accidental, to have allowed our country to come so entirely off the rails:

  • All of us have heard the adage that a fish stinks from its head. Joseph Biden stinks like a three-day-old fish at room temperature. Neither his defenders nor his proxies can make cohesive sense of what he has done and is doing to our country. Our country is in free fall, with the worst divided government since the Second World War. Democratic leaders seem to be taking a page from socialist Great Britain after the Second World War. Life was so bad there that food rationing continued for ten years after the war. If not for the $6 trillion in new debt that Biden has created so far, people would be starving here today. We owe our daily lives to debt. I’m not kidding. We live in a deficit-fueled economy. No nation on earth could borrow as much as we have and not crash. That crash may yet still come. Biden never suggests any serious ideas to rein in our debt or spending. Instead, he’s talking about finishing the job and needs a second term to do it! Most readers would agree that a second Biden term might very well finish us off financially.


  • Is there anyone who does not suspect that our young have been coopted as agents of the Progressives and even China? While our youth’s average IQs and SAT scores have been mysteriously dropping for years, the rhetoric espoused seems to be in sync; have you noticed the congruent nature of what they believe? The young today consider themselves citizens of the world, not Americans first. Through this thinking, bedrock concepts like nationalism and even citizenship are no longer embraced. This explains our lack of concern with national borders and why exemplary countries like Israel could somehow be construed as the opposite of peace-loving and instead are seen as terrorists.  At the same time, Iran and Hamas represent reluctant freedom fighters. Such realities stand accepted by our young.

None of this could happen or would have happened without the self-delusion government pushes down our throats through DEI initiatives, first to our schools and then to general society, but which may be resisted by those over a certain age. Our young are fertile ground for a fantastical world of equity, fairness, competition, and equal rewards. Our reward for preaching equity is a generation or two of slackers, self-hatred, and, instead of optimistic expectations, our young fear growing up and taking their place in society.

Lost at Sea: The Overwhelming Challenges


For too many young people today, it’s like the old sea maps of a thousand years ago that stated prominently at their edges,

“There be monsters here.”

The most overriding trait that our young people embody today is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of being self-reliant, and especially fear about the world and their place in it. As I write this today, CNN writes concerning 2024:

The geopolitical given of a US response will be absent, fuelling authoritarian ambition or a radical upending of the global order. 2024 could make 2023 seem rational and sober.

Social media, in all its forms, but most perniciously through TikTok, manifests our children’s future. The Achilles’ heel of our national debate is our inability to protect our young against technology and those wizards behind the curtain. We missed the boat with our educational system that teaches children not how to think but what to think. And now, we allow domestic and even more malign international companies and governments to substitute their political goals and national interests over our children.

Education’s Alarming Shift: Shocking Resonance of Teaching Methods:-


Could any parent imagine having Stalin or Mao educate their children? Today, that unfathomable idea has become our new reality. With the precise results available to even the casual observer, we can see all the pieces falling into place:

  • Nuclear family units have never been under such attack or unappreciated.
  • We see rampant teenage bullying and suicide ideation.
  • There is secularism and the exclusion of God.
  • Children are no longer proud to be Americans, having a false understanding of our international importance and a diminished belief in nationalism.
  • They are the unhappiest generation of all time.
  • Our young lack basic play skills and cannot communicate with others, make friends, or make their way forward after graduation.
  • An undeniable sense of entitlement and a thorough lack of ambition form the foundation for today’s children.


We must first understand and act on this last bullet as our highest priority, lest we transfer power to a generation entirely unprepared to assume that awesome responsibility. If we wind up giving those reins to America’s enemies, they will see to it that we lose our Republic. Nothing happens in a vacuum. If America falls, it won’t be an accident. It will happen at the will of others who seized the opening.

Turning the Tide: The Call to Re-Educate:-


But there is also opportunity amid the chaos, corruption, and general uncertainty. It is not too late to reeducate our slackers. In fact, we must. We must seek out the most decisive leader we can who can turn this ship around before it is a wreck upon the shoals of the slackers.

The attitude of most of the circle of people I know is uniformly glum. It is necessary to transform attitudes and motivate our young to realize change. Success in politics, the economy, or anywhere else in the world will dissipate without a significant shift in the attitudes and motivation held by our citizens. Our attitudes will change from negative to positive only after we have robust and charismatic leadership that sets national priorities and demonstrates to America that we can follow through with actual accomplishments. It is essential for our national morale and a requirement to deprogram our young to undo the damage done by Progressives, Marxists, TikTok, et al.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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