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If today’s title sounds like an oxymoron, it’s not meant to be. Progressive activists have interchangeable names, whether Liberals, Leftists, Socialists, Marxists, Communists, or whatever identification you substitute. There are many names, but only one essential reality: Progressives despise conservatives. They don’t simply disagree with you; they consider you their enemy, standing in the way of their vision of societal perfection. Progressives seek to destroy, reinvent, recharacterize, or pretend almost everything that is classic Americana never existed. If you disagree, they believe they have a right, an obligation to go after you, to hound you, put you in jail, destroy your living and your way of life, or even, sometimes, kill you outright.

Progressivism – A Dangerous Phase:-


Progressivism will ultimately be seen as a dangerous phase we engaged in that failed, cost lives and treasure, and weakened our country’s position in the world. Free nations don’t willingly become Progressive as Progressivism is, paradoxically, anti-human. Yes, there have been failed revolutions, such as in the Soviet Union. China is playing with a hybrid model of Capitalism and Communism, which frightens their Politburo. Great Britain had its affair with Socialism, eventually tiring of it. Venezuelans are leaving their oil-rich country by the millions rather than live under dictator Maduro. More Cubans live outside Cuba now than inside it. Sweden was structurally socialist for about 34 years before officially ending that flirtation in the 1990s.

There are only 16 Socialist or Communist countries left out of 193 nations in the world. And none of them are happy places. You’re likely not surprised that the vast majority of Socialist and Communist countries were created through violence, necessarily requiring force to control their populations. Iran? After informing a questioner that he was from the U.S., an American visitor (worse than foolish) said,

“The average Iranian is incredibly friendly and hospitable. I was stopped dozens of times during my ten-day visit with a giant smile: ‘Welcome to Iran!’ Not the interactions you would expect.”

While today’s government thoroughly indoctrinates their youth, many over 35 have fond memories of Americans and a fearful view of their Mullahs. Iran rules through an iron fist.

Progressivism generally includes hard-line views and actions like those in Iran, which kill women for offenses defying required modesty. China executes more prisoners than any other country in the world. Qatar harbors Hamas, Saudi Arabia allows very few Christian Churches, Russia tolerates no serious opposition to Putin, in Argentina, Milei channeled voter anger over a deep economic crisis and years of Progressive economic dysfunction to win the Presidency, South Africa sees its whites leaving in droves, and Hungary’s President Orban sides with the dictator, Putin. Wherever and whenever you have Progressives leading a country, even as we can see in our United States, the result is a lack of freedom, opportunity, individualism, and worse.

Progressivism is a cancer that too few identity as the deadly scourge it is, especially here in America. Progressivism, rather than being a tonic for the soul, is like the quack elixirs that were sold in bygone times, claiming to cure all ills.  Instead, they kill, maim, or, at best, simply defraud you.

Truths of Human Psyche:-


Five truths of the human psyche:

  1. We are not naturally altruistic—we work with an expectation of reward.
  2. When we are charitable, it is because we have sufficient excess so that it does not hurt very much.
  3. We are not all equal in intelligence, ambition, criminality, or other manifestations of human character and ability.
  4. Life isn’t fair.  Some of us will be blessed to be born in America.  Others are cursed to be born in North Korea. Trying to equalize results for all does not work, never has worked, and can’t be legislated into existence.
  5. Ethics are situational. There is nothing most of us won’t do, given the need, opportunity, and belief we can get away with it.

Everyone should be offered opportunities to better themselves on the ladders of opportunity we’ve traditionally relied upon for upward mobility. Yet, implementing progressive-driven equality of results, an entirely different situation from equality of opportunity, would be a totalitarian nightmare.



Back to my title, “America’s Progressive Death Cult.” No, I don’t visualize Hillary Clinton decked out in body armor and an M4 mowing down those despicables she hates so vociferously. But I do picture her chipping away at our rights like some maniacal coupon clipper seeking free groceries. Hillary is the archetypical Progressive. She’s for freedom of choice, as long as you agree with her ideas!  Hillary would heavily modify or even shred the Constitution to suit her worldview. This is where the majority of Progressives actually live.

Then, there are the actual murderers who hang people from lampposts. Enlightened Parisian Progressives were what their modern-day variants aspired to be if they possessed the unrestrained power they craved. Isn’t it easy to see BLM, Anarchists, Antifa, Palestinians, and all those flash mobs, murderous criminals, and others as just Progressive policies in action?

Controversial Claim – Progressives Death Cult Voices:-


I’ve heard some Progressives explaining that all the looting and general mayhem amounts to nothing more than reparations. This particular wunderkind even went so far as to say that calling a looter a criminal is racist. How do you answer such an illogical absurdity? There is an entire generation roaming our streets, killing, injuring, looting, and wilding with abandon, in what amounts to Death Squads if you stand up to them. They want you to know that you are taking your life into your own hands if you confront them.

Who will say, “Enough?” Who will intercede and beat them back before it is too late? The Police can’t even chase bad guys anymore. Today’s lack of respect our law enforcement officers receive is monstrous, with tens of thousands of seasoned officers changing careers or retiring early. Don’t think things won’t get worse? And, don’t expect local political leaders to grow a spine either. Some of these “leaders” have been identified as participants.

Just give them space,” Baltimore’s Mayor famously said.  Well, how much space is enough, Mayor?

Anyone interceding to help someone threatened or attacked is called a vigilante. Some prosecutors see defending ourselves or others as worse than the underlying criminal act. Are they saying, “Be a victim?” I wonder what they would do if they were being carjacked with their child in the back seat, and I came along with a firearm to put a stop to the situation. Would they say to me, “Don’t help me,” refusing my help if I need to use violence toward their attacker to save them?



Do you think the Mayor of Baltimore wouldn’t eagerly accept anyone’s help if facing a violent crime? Yet, in a clinical and abstract way, musing about the possibility of being a victim of criminal violence, I can hear the siren call to become yet another victim so that I can virtue signal my compliance and acceptance of the righteousness of the mob. While those refusing to become victims are to be hunted down on the altar of Progressivism and Equity.

Our homegrown terrorists can be as evil and as frightening as Hamas. Watch this humorous video of a Florida Sheriff who has the right idea.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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