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Hello Fellow Patriots:

Imagine you are conducting a survey both here and abroad. The instant question is: “Name three things that describe America powered by USA famous writer.” Even today, the typical answer will likely include these three descriptions:

  1. Wealthy
  2. Powerful
  3. Free

Our enemies hate us for exactly those three descriptions and for what they represent to their own power and prestige. We’ve seen a barrage of different tactics used to diminish our power and sow discord within our country. Take your pick from just these few:

  • Creating millions of uneducated individuals that only know and believe they live in a country that largely exists through the theft of wealth and ideas from others and through the subjugation of people in an institutionalized manner.
  • A system of government that has strayed from core principles to a degree that is difficult to imagine. A government that defies gravity by spending money it does not have as if that’s sustainable. Leaders who make decisions are not founded on logic but designed to maintain their power.
  • Over decades, allowing and encouraging flooding the country with tens of millions of immigrants who then, in turn, have tens of millions of babies that are allowed in, and then allowed to stay without requiring assimilation and regardless of their ability or desire to contribute to our country.
  • The breakdown of many founding principles but in particular the Rule of Law. Without the Rule of Law, society as a whole begins to devolve. Without the Rule of Law, the very concept of Truth, Morality, and Logic are thrown out the window.
  • To my mind, the rewriting of history is the most devious. The historical success of America is so obvious, so powerful and so revealing that our enemies cannot let that stand. In a manner not seen since Stalin, Mao, and Hitler, and without being conquered by a foreign power, our own people are rewriting our history as a kugel to wall off our success and to move us down in the expectation and belief system of others throughout the world.
  • The final tactic we’ll list here today is the most frightening to me. The ability of our enemies to seemingly make us not see what is happening and to freeze us in place while our society begins to crumble before our eyes.

Remember the imaginary survey we discussed at the beginning of this essay? Number one is “Power.” Like Superman, we have an Achilles Heel. Whereas Kryptonite was Superman’s Achilles Heel, our power and wealth give us the ability to project ourselves domestically and internationally. Take that power away, and, we become just another nation with nuclear weapons. Think Pakistan, Russia, India, or take your pick.

We are built on a much more fragile house of cards than you may suspect. What allows us to exist with the debt we have and that we are creating at an accelerated pace is simply the goodwill of the rest of the world. Let me explain. Every business day, the United States has Treasury Auctions to sell bonds to pay for older bonds being redeemed, to refinance older bonds, and frighteningly, to buy bonds to cover spending for money for newly created debt.

The United States is the number one place in the world that people come for financial safety and security. Approximately 39% of US debt is held by foreigners. Source: https://sgp.fas.org/crs/misc/RS22331.pdf. But that belies the real truth because some of our own bonds, worth trillions are bonds the Fed creates out of thin air and are not purchased with real money. The actual state of affairs may well be that the majority of US debt is held by foreigners. Either way, you have to wonder, what if bondholders felt their investment in our bonds was insecure? What could/would happen?

Ask yourself the question, what could create insecurity such that people begin dumping our bonds and just as importantly, stop buying our new bonds? Let’s state our supposed outcome…it would be Armageddon. Markets would collapse and not rebound, the Dollar would become devalued to a degree not seen since this happed to Germany in the 1920s and the Engine of the World; the United States would inexplicably grind to a halt. Frightening beyond belief? This is our central takeaway today.

United States policy today is leading us off a cliff. Crazy things are commonplace today. Watch our energy policy closely. No matter what you might think about the issue of Climate Change; put that aside and imagine a chain of events that we believe is beginning to unfold that could lead to this almost unimaginable outcome.

Hyperinflation can be triggered. Hyperinflation would have the power to destroy American Wealth today to an unimaginable degree. As bad as it was, the Great American Depression of the 1930s would have been much worse than it was if they were as leveraged as much as we are today.

In 1971 the United States went off the gold standard. Up to that point, our currency was backed by actual Gold. Today, we are a fiat currency backed only by the “Full Faith and Credit of the United States.” People used to have more “hard assets” back then. These kinds of “hard assets” held by millions of normal people kept the majority of people from dying of starvation. What would happen today if a similar economic calamity occurred? Frankly, we don’t even want to think about it.

I can’t read President Biden’s mind and I don’t know who is advising/running him. However, I see a pattern developing that truly scares me. By now, it must be becoming obvious that our government is not taking the necessary steps to lower energy prices.

This then leads us to the conclusion that they want to raise energy prices which has the salutary effect of helping support his “Green New Deal” fantasy. But what if his advisors and handlers actually want to throw the proverbial Hail Mary and not only raise energy prices but set off Hyperinflation? This would be a way to do that. If the US economy tanks, a ripple effect could be foreseen where Interest rates rise to a level that forces drastic borrowing cost increases that the Bond Market does not accept. On the day the US cannot sell its debt at reasonable rates, a run on bond redemptions would likely commence. Apocalyptic events and the end of the United States as a world leader would likely follow. Music to our enemy’s ears as they rush in and fill the vacuum.

American’s have the single largest amount of cash in the world at approximately 2 trillion dollars, with the majority held overseas.

Inflation-Biden’s Choice to Destroy America’s Rich And Middle Class

Source: https://www.uscurrency.gov/life-cycle/data/circulation Runaway inflation would devalue our currency incredibly fast thereby creating a need to increase the amount of currency in circulation quickly to retain liquidity and to keep civil calm. Unfortunately, it would have the opposite effect and people’s confidence in the system would likely erode quickly as their wealth was converted from Dear dollars to Inflated dollars’ worth far less. This is entirely foreseeable.

Perhaps I am burying the lead a bit, but if I hated America and wanted to see it fade away as a major world power, this is the way I might try and do it. America without its wealth is a nation without the resources to affect world outcomes. It would not have the ability to pay for its military and would have to seek compromises with other countries at a distinct disadvantage in terms of leverage and ability to exert counter pressure.

Once America is removed from the chessboard, without a way to counter its enemies effectively, China would assume the mantle of world leadership. And, that’s not a good thing or even something we could live with. China is not a nation comparable to the United States. China is the Chinese Communist Party. China is the outward extension of the Party. This is fundamentally different than how the United States operates.

China understands that its very survival is dependent on worldwide Communist domination. During the Second World War, Japan spoke of its relationship to conquered countries in its so-called Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. “Little Sisters and Cousins” was a phrase often used to describe the very one-way relationship. And, so it is with China. China left unrestrained is a threat of such unimaginable proportions that it is hard to get your arms wrapped around it. Yet millions and millions of people are willing to make a devil’s bargain with China. The so-called “Gold or Lead” dilemma updated to modern times.

I know there are disbelievers among our readers who believe that China is coequal with us and generally one can substitute for the other. Think equals except for different names. But, that’s not true. China only values its population as a means to an end and has historically used its people as pawns in a game of world domination. As you have read in our previous essays, Xi Jinping is a ruthless dictator with designs beyond any previous leader except perhaps for Mao himself had ever envisioned.

Please believe me when I say that it is all too easy to believe that thousands of doctrinal Chinese work night and day strategizing on the right strategy and tactics to achieve their vision; a world no longer dominated by the United States but instead, a world completely dominated by China alone.

Our CIA and other intelligence agencies are fundamentally different from a generation ago. Spies in the field have been replaced by too many analysts and “technical means” of collecting and evaluating intelligence. Worse yet, the services are shot through with people under 45 thoroughly indoctrinated in what today we simply call Woke Thinking. The days of direct actions to protect our country are minimal if they exist at all.

Our intelligence agencies possess “morals” that harken back to the 1800s when it was not considered gentlemanly to read “someone else’s mail.” Fellow Patriots…that’s how you lose wars (sound familiar) and misconstrue what intelligence you do collect. The US intelligence community has been wrong on almost every major issue since Viet Nam. And, that after we spend more than 80 billion dollars a year on intelligence here in America. Source: https://sgp.fas.org/crs/intel/R44381.pdf

Let me share with you some ancient history. History that China looks at while we worry about passing fads:
“Thucydides’ Trap: ‘When a rising power threatens to displace a ruling power’ the path to war is set. It comes from the famous line in Thucydides, about the descent into a war between Ancient Greece’s two most powerful city-states, Athens and Sparta: ‘It was the rise of Athens and the fear this instilled into Sparta that made war inevitable.’

Our analysis is that China is likely to believe that we will leave the world stage and subjugate ourselves to China. They would be wrong. We will fight; it is in our nature. China will misconstrue because it is in its nature to be opportunistic. In a reverse situation, they would retreat and bide their time. Much as they did from the time of Nixon and forward until around 2000. These kinds of miscalculations are how wars commence.

China is preparing for war even as we sing Woke kumbaya around some mythical campfire. All this, according to their 30-year plan. One more thing. War will be non-nuclear. No one wants scorched earth. China intends to make us whole. They believe they can. We must disabuse them of this belief by becoming more aggressive ourselves. Biden is an existential threat to peace because they are weighing how he will react in a crisis. Biden is distinctly unimpressive on both the domestic and world stages.

There is a strategy going forward that will stop them. However, it requires leadership that we don’t have today. Climate alarmists like to say we have X number of years before our planet becomes uninhabitable. Though an incredible lie at its core; that’s great messaging for the Animal Farm cast of characters.

Here’s my answer:
We have six years to rebuild America before China feels emboldened enough to take us on directly. I’m not talking about “Build Back Better” or other fairytale fables you might hear. I’m talking about setting our house in order and rebuilding our ability to go it alone if necessary. I’m talking about an entirely new approach using our best minds, best corporations, and overlaid with our Founding’s principles that made us great in the first place.

Unleash the resident power of our country through the abandonment of stupid policies that sap our energy and return nothing. I am speaking to the exceptionalism that is still in our DNA. It is our moonshot moment and it will galvanize us like we haven’t been since God knows when.

I hope you think hard about what I’m saying and presenting to you here today. The future is ours if we can keep it! Whether we do or not is up to every one of us individually and collectively.

God Bless America
Allan J. Feifer

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