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Hello Fellow Patriots:

I’m going to discuss two interlocking themes today. They are Biden’s Loss of Moral Authority and the mechanism whereby it became so. I believe the President is in Cognitive Decline, perhaps from some form of Dementia. We’ll also discuss how the President views Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, both as a threat to the West and as an opportunity to grind Russia down. Certainly, a very dangerous game for an unstable person to play.

It is not useful to discuss one issue without the other.

Let me present a few terms first:

Moral Authority: The quality or characteristic of being respected for having good character or knowledge, especially as a source of guidance or as an exemplar of proper conduct.

Cognitive Decline: Cognitive impairment is a condition in which a person experiences a noticeable decline in mental abilities (memory and thinking skills) compared with others of the same age. The ability to learn new information may be reduced, mental processing slows, speed of performance slows, and the ability to become distracted increases.

Dementia: is a general term used to describe a decline in mental function that is severe enough to noticeably interfere with daily living.

Without a doubt in my mind, Biden meets the criteria for significant cognitive decline based on his actions, hesitations, outbursts, and denial of facts in evidence. It’s only a question of how much decline he is suffering. And we must remember, he has his finger on the button of nuclear Armageddon every second of every day. Is the definition of Dementia too much of a stretch in this case to apply?

Everyone should not only be concerned but genuinely afraid. I don’t know what the remedy is, especially since the next person in the Presidential line of succession could actually be worse; that would be -our obviously inept- Vice President.

I want to transition into possible actions and triggers that could potentially be used to set the President off or neutralize his ability to function effectively. Believe me, Putin no doubt has had his best psychiatrists working on methods to both predict Biden’s next moves and determine how far Mr. Putin can push him towards the edge of becoming dangerously irrational, but no further. Putin wants Biden to be constantly reactive to his moves but not pushed into unpredictability.

Think of the Ukraine war in a different context. For, as bad as the war has been for Ukraine’s people itself, on the larger stage this is a test of wills, power, and strategy very much akin to a high stakes Chess match if you will. I think it instructive to discuss the attitudes of some of my friends as a proxy for the nation as a whole who are conflicted and don’t see Ukraine and America as having a strategic interest in common.  

I will describe my friends as either isolationists or non-interventionists. These friends are in disagreement with me generally on the issue of the importance of America’s engagement throughout the world. This is especially true concerning the current war in Ukraine and our national interest.

Wikipedia provides a useful definition of both philosophies:

Isolationism is a political philosophy advocating a national foreign policy that opposes involvement in the political affairs, and especially the wars, of other countries.”


Non-interventionism or non-intervention is a political philosophy or national foreign policy doctrine that opposes interference in the domestic politics and affairs of other countries but, in contrast to isolationism, is not necessarily opposed to international commitments in general.”

To create uncertainty and political divisions, Putin is trying to influence US public opinion to be bound to one or the other of these two philosophies. Let’s circle back to my two friends and put them to the test! If our enemies arrived on our borders or blocked our free trade with the rest of the world, would they still stand pat on their belief in non-intervention? I think it is likely I know how they will feel then, but it will also be too late to change what comes next. Because it will be Checkmate. Can you honestly say that the scenario I proposed in our introduction is totally implausible?

I have a problem with both of these philosophies, even as I understand how liberating it would be to believe one or the other to be true. But, in a multi-polar world such as we live in, both of these philosophies will only wind up making us slaves as the bullies of the world take advantage of our perceived weakness.

I use a methodology to inform my thoughts and actions that I will call “The ridiculous extreme.” I have always held that the death or suffering of one person is just as meaningful as the suffering of a million. Therefore, I extrapolate situations to the extreme to test my resolve to stand by my beliefs and what hills I choose to die on.

Circle back to my initial scenario, in which Russia and China commit to a worldwide game of Extortion through the threat of Conquest. Who is to say that scenario doesn’t make perfect sense to the leaders of Russia and China, even though we may find it implausible and repugnant to our sensibilities?

The US is a huge thorn in the side of these two leaders, as well as in their ambitions for regional and/or world dominance. Our own nuclear weapons keep them at bay for the time being. But, what if the decline of US power and influence over the past generation can be shown to have been nothing more than a prolonged form of warfare on their part? In my book “Unconventional War—”How war came to America” https://1plus1equals2.com/the-book/ I detail the process by which we have been infiltrated by multiple groups, only vaguely coordinated but with the same goal; i.e. the destruction of the United States. Our country is demonstrably much weaker today based on a myriad of social, economic, and military metrics that together define our current strength. We have indeed lost a great deal of our moral authority. I believe President Biden continues to squander what’s left by and through his actions and inactions which have been carefully scripted by our enemies.

To fend off a coordinated attack on our system of democracy, its institutions, and social mores, we need to be cohesive and self-aware with the right strategic plan to execute against a much more cerebral pair of enemies. We have not recently been up to the task, distracted by the crisis du jour that always seems to be sucking up all the oxygen. We lack a proactive, forward-thinking strategy.  We are paying a huge price in blood and treasure for our missteps and lack of detailed planning.

Leadership is key. With the Presidential elections only 29 months away, we need a positive and successful strategy. One such action should lead to a more proactive Congress after the mid-terms that stops constantly re-litigating the past election as nothing more than a distraction. Here are several critical issues that Congress could move on proactively if they chose:

  • Iran—Congress must stop the President from making one of the worst decisions in modern history getting back in bed with Iran and giving them billions of dollars in sanctions relief for no real purpose. Many Arab nations are so angered by our cozying up to Iran that two of those leaders would not even pick up the phone to ask for more oil when Biden called recently!
  • Energy—The President has said it numerous times; he’s going to kill the fossil fuel industry. This decision should become a national debate at the very least. Right now, his policies are making us poorer and weaker.
  • The Southern Border—With the end of the Title 42 Covid exclusion rule on May 23rd, the current surge at the southern border will become a Tsunami. Predictions have been made of 200,000 to 250,000 illegal aliens will come across the border each month thereafter. Why are we allowing this to happen? How does the US benefit from this nonsense? More than 65% will never even show up for their asylum hearings. The vast majority will not qualify for that asylum protection and should be thrown out immediately for trying to game our system.  As a country, we look stupid. Biden and the Democrats must have some other reason for prioritizing illegal aliens over our fellow countrymen. You know the answer, it’s to win future elections.
  • The Green Agenda—Every bill that has passed the legislature since he became President has had a Green New Deal tax and initiatives baked in. Whether for Covid spending, Infrastructure, or even the DOD budget, there are billions and billions of dollars tucked in for what amounts to; a wholesale change to our economy and way of life. All that has been undertaken without any substantive national debate and by using as much stealth as possible. On the contrary, I believe that Americans consistently think issues like Climate Change, the Green New Deal, and other social agendas should not be among our nation’s top priorities.
  • Other National Priorities— President Biden has completely realigned our priorities to push race, ‘Wokeness,’ wide-open immigration, and globalism ahead of what should be our most important priorities which should include the re-industrialization of our country, territorial integrity, and world leadership. Only the United States still has the military muscle to push back against Russia and China. As the only free superpower in the world, we have squandered our military and political power too often in the past.

We are now struggling with America’s place in the world. Worse, we seem to have lost the understanding and hard-earned wisdom that was gleaned through the spilling of American blood in past wars. We fight over much the same issues over and over again. We are again choosing the wrong path in pursuing make-believe, feel-good policies that only dimmish our place in the world and reduce us as a people.

For better or worse, our individual futures are directly tied to what President Biden says and does. Every wrong pronouncement and every walk back by his staff, seconds after this or that gaff, only reinforces a growing belief that Biden’s competence and mental decline are real. Our lack of focus on what keeps us ahead, militarily, economically, and politically creates uncertainty in the world. Good nations start to desert us and bad actors will frequently test the waters to see what they can get away with. That’s the dangerous world we live in.

For all of us, stay engaged. Stay connected to what’s going on no matter how hard, distasteful, and frustrating it may seem. The America we live in is very much influenced by the beliefs and actions of our people. Politicians would love to run this country without you. But, never underestimate your individual power to effect change. Don’t allow politicians to pull the wool over your eyes by being sneaky in how they go about their business or by what they tell you. You can discover the truth. You can and should investigate to separate the lies and distortions from what is true and real.  And, you must always, always become informed and vote in every election.

America holds a very special and unique place in this world. It would be a travesty beyond belief to allow what we have accomplished to die like so much roadkill. I remember an America I was proud of, faults and all.  Even if you cannot remember it, we should never give up and accept a world of fear, uncertainty, lower living standards, and a belief that our best years are behind us.

I hope you agree with me.

God Bless America and especially at this time of extreme suffering in Ukraine.

Allan J. Feifer


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