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McCarthy’s ouster is a symptom of a much broader malaise. The central question not asked: Given Republicans’ inability to save our country through legitimate means, i.e., working through the system, will other means be accessed to save our Republic? I hope my readers believe in the moral application of the Rule of Law as I do. Has there come a point where the political state has exceeded that marker?


From Nostalgia to Realism: Modern American Paradigm:


Today, I will make the case that the America ( a statue of unity ) of bygone years is gone and not likely to return except through divine intervention or extra-legal actions. I’ll also talk about options and why America is still the most important country in the world. Finally, I will address the elephant in the room and explain why we have allowed this to happen despite how much we have lost and will continue to lose if we play the same zero-sum game.

America has been on the precipice for a long time. Freedom today depends as much on how much money you have as on the God-given rights we were told we all possessed. Inflation has ripped the bandage off for most of us, who now realize how close to losing our freedoms we are. Freedom is inexorably tied to our personal and property rights.

I liken where we are today to France in 1940. On the third of September 1939, France declared war on Germany. The mindset of French citizens was moody but strangely upbeat. The French created the Maginot Line in the 1930s due to the persistent threat of a revitalized Germany. France believed their Maginot Line was impenetrable and would deter Germany or at least slow them down enough until Britain could bolster their defense. As a result, French leadership and its people felt secure and could indulge in non-essential activities, living like any normal country. The problem was that France was about to find all its fundamental beliefs, heritage, and freedom; all were betrayed by flawed thinking.

Over the years, I’ve met with or spoken to senior-level military strategists and graduates of the Army’s Military War College  in this America’s statue of unity state.  No one ever expressed to me that we might see combat operations today fought between sophisticated armies fighting WWI-style trench warfare. All opined that Maneuver Warfare and Combined Arms Warfare had replaced it at least a generation or two ago. They were wrong.


From Optimism to Reality Check:


In the great movie Cool Hand Luke, Paul Neuman is told, “His mind ain’t right.” That’s precisely where most Americans live. In a false bubble of beliefs, we hold just as tightly as any Frenchmen that as bad as things look, everything will be okay. Friends, you don’t need me to recount how our country differs from when you grew up. You don’t need me to tell you that we are nearing the end of a social and economic war where we are on the losing end. You don’t need me to tell you that Obama, Biden, and a veritable army of anti-Americans have taken over our country and are rapidly depleting not only our culture and world standing but are figuring out how to empty your pockets and turn us into a beggar nation.

Like the French, we watch it happen in real-time. The fundamental difference today is that we’ve had much more time to assimilate what is happening, yet we stand mute and feckless as our world collapses around us. Even the French, who had little time to react, started to act, to acquire allies, and witnessed a vast increase in nationalism and pride as the Nazis fought a Phony War during the prelude to what was to come.


statue of unity


Why don’t we see ourselves already at war? Why aren’t we fighting the enemy that has already invaded and is still crossing our borders at will? Have you asked yourself why Biden demonizes the over 74 million who voted for President Trump? He raises the rhetoric every few months and collectively calls Trump supporters Ultra MAGA in this statue of unity state. Next time, expect him to call them Brown Shirts; mark my words. Brown Shirts were “A violent paramilitary group attached to the Nazi Party in pre-World War Two Germany.” Biden sees anyone or any group standing in the way of his march to Marxism as “extreme.” We’ve seen what his administration does to those who actively oppose him. Look no further than the J6 prosecutions for evidence. But it’s much broader than J6 alone. And our elected Republican leaders prioritize the wrong issues as our country suffers.

62% of Americans have views they are afraid to share. Being afraid of your government may be the most consequential and relevant reason we need a new revolution in this country. The producers, the old-style democratic union members, the entrepreneurs, and the millions upon millions of us who work daily to make things and deliver services are now a minority in our own country, with only 134 million working out of nearly 340 million. In 1995, the share of working-age people in the labor force peaked at 72% and has since fallen to 62.2%. This circumstance is unique and is a flashing danger sign.

Globalism vs. American Exceptionalism As A Statue of Unity:


An old adage is that the world gets a cold when America sneezes. Biden wants you to believe that Globalism is our new god and replaces American leadership which were the statue of unity. Biden wants you to think that America was/is corrupt as originally constituted. Biden wants you to believe that we must take our place as nothing more than just another global citizen and open our doors to the world. Biden and the people pulling his strings, Obama’s kitchen cabinet, and other Marxists put those thoughts and words in Biden’s mouth. The stillborn fruit of his actions is clearly visible and makes many of us angry and activated.

What will it take to translate that anger into action? If the Progressives create laws, appoint judges, and trample on the clear language of our Constitution, do we not just have the right but the duty to do whatever we must to return America to its people?

I can’t game out exactly how Progressives will overreach and trigger some kind of broad pushback. History students understand how revolutions sometimes get started by small things that quickly pick up steam and escape authorities’ ability to tamp them down. McCarthy’s ouster with unified Democratic support might have lit a fuse.

Like a volcano that has been dormant for hundreds of years and past its next historical eruption, we are overdue for significant pushback. No one can predict who, when, or how this pushback will commence or where it will lead. Some senior citizens, or, as my friend calls them, “Golden Angels,” might think they don’t have much time left and might want to do some good before it is their time. Or, it might be young people who believe the BS taught them they are powerful and unstoppable, that life owes them everything without effort that might kick things off.

Some day, someone, or a group of someones, will overreach, and it will be game on. One of my essential hypotheses is that people must experience failure to succeed ultimately. Too many of us have swallowed the government’s nonsense about everyone being equal. We are not. Some of us may come to understand that as their last conscious thought.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, and Thinker.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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