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For millennia, there were only four cultural imperatives:

  1. Grow enough food to ward off starvation
  2. Be strong enough to ward off invaders
  3. Develop a society-wide sense of self and maintain continuity
  4. Continued technological, political, and economic advancements

Everything else was negotiable except for these essential cultural imperatives that formed the foundation for everything else. The first two are easily understandable, and the importance of the third is frequently overlooked or undervalued, with the fourth now assumed to go on indefinitely. In the latter half of the 20th century and accelerating today, there has been a belief in a new cultural imperative that seems to contradict historical realities. With the hubris that a full belly sometimes delivers, we forget what allowed us incredible advances, planet-wide, which are only offered through tightly understanding and adhering to these four tenets.

Leading with Kindness – Archewell Foundation:


Enter a new cultural imperative, considered a first among equals or even to stand alone as our primary imperative?

“The Archewell Foundation believes that compassion is the defining cultural force of the 21st century and, through its work, Archewell Foundation supports a growing community of partner organizations fueling systematic cultural change. Archewell Foundation listens to people and their communities, helps them to tell their stories, puts real action behind its words, and spotlights a new generation of leadership.”

Poppycock. Like me, you could be forgiven if you never heard of the Archewell Foundation. Archewell is a Foundation (not necessarily in good standing) run by Meghan Markel and Prince Harry. The above is their stated public mission statement. I’m not into English monarchy, but the above statement aligns with many charitable and now corporate entities that cite compassion as their raison d’etre. I’m sure the many self-styled progressives out there would agree that a compassion-centric world is the bare starting point and will lead to universal brotherhood (sisterhood?) for all.

Except it’s not true. Time and again, we see that selfish greed is the primary motivation for all animals, up to and including homo sapiens. It is no accident that most progressives are young and older women who live in environments frequently better than most of us — a fact confirmed by the continuing number of affluent women opting out of the workforce. An undeniable facet of opting out is choosing not to work or only working as necessary while aspiring to a progressive state of mind. An ability unavailable to many of those who work within the established system of values and norms — frequently rejected by those who have the luxury of choice. Choice is truly the epitome of Western economies. Not everyone has it, but no other society has such luxury in such abundance. This is the bedrock on which so much of progressive dogma rests — compassion over natural law.


Re-evaluating Modern Ideologies:


So many ideologies espoused today, Wokeism, Equity, Diversity, Economic Equality, Equal Educational attainment, Restorative Justice, Restorative History, Anti-Zionism, and more, all must be examined or reexamined for their comportment with the prime directive, compassion first. Kill or capture 1,400 Jews? No problem. You can’t swear to wipe out Hamas; you must demonstrate the requisite compassion for those victimized and understand their motives. Any failure can be excused, and any trampling of individual rights is fine, seeing everyone as equal, not just in law but in their “right” to equalized outcomes, regardless of effort or ability.

It’s been a head-scratcher to try and make heads or tails of the relentless push for obscure and societally rare practices such as trans athletes, queer or other strange and hard-to-define proclivities like gender fluidity, and the self-loathing that so many young people engage in such as preening before their smartphones where they frequently show their privates to virtual strangers or even worse, the hundreds of thousands who are not what they pretend to be. We are no longer allowed to make judgemental deducements based on logic, history, and our powers of deductive reasoning — no, we must travel with the herd and make sure we don’t think independently or rationally, lest we realize that compassion is not a foundation, it’s the emotion we use that we can fend off logic. Immanuel Kant understood this when he wrote:

“All immoral actions are irrational because they violate the CI” (Categorical Imperatives)

Friends, everything about progressivism reaks of immorality and irrationality. Compassion, as a philosophical omega, is an empty vessel that takes everything and gives you back nothing in return. Elevated to a right, compassion for compassion’s sake is intellectual and moral theft, akin to a flesh-eating ameba that devours its host with no emotion or thought.


Critique of Progressivism: A Call to Question the Ideology:-


Only the most indoctrinated, uneducated, intellectually lazy, and morally bankrupt believe in the axiom of something for nothing. In a nutshell, that is what progressivism and compassion share in common and demand from us all. It has become a virtual religion with its high priests and priestesses that lead chants and incarnations designed to sharpen messages that may not be logical but are, in many cases, quite lyrical.

Did you know the use of lyrical chants can be an attempt to induce an altered state in an otherwise sane individual to believe insane concepts? Historically, we see the use of lyrical chants in religion, particularly in cults. Witness the maniacal chanting on America’s campuses and in Gaza and other places as the cult leaders whip up the crowds into single mindless nonsense that its adherents cannot actually explain their beliefs; it’s a matter of required faith, leading us right back to a belief in compassion over reality and logic.

We should examine what Cultural Imperatives are real vs. specious claptrap. Obama’s reign brought us emotion over logic. Since then, our country has descended into an Orwellian world of NewSpeak and a blind belief that what you believe, safe spaces, the right to steal from others, you didn’t build that and every other preposterous pronouncement is real and not simply contrived out of thin air.

That’s the case with compassion; it’s sorcery and make-believe foisted on a subset of civilized people who either have not been taught or don’t believe in rational thought any longer. Undoubtedly, most of those poor souls are due for a comeuppance in the not-to-distant future. We must not avert our eyes to society’s loss by accepting these false truths. Compassion, as described herein, is evil.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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