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140 Nigerian Christians were killed around Christmas by Muslims carrying out the commandments of Allah as required by the Quran. In this ABC story, the fact that they were Christians was not mentioned until the sixth paragraph.

Being an American should mean I have the right to say things that are not popular yet that I believe to be true. But that right of free speech is in trouble, especially for Conservatives like myself. In a lifetime of traveling the world, I have had people threaten my personal safety. I’ve been disinvited to speak to groups and sometimes canceled by fellow Conservatives with a narrower view of what being a Conservative means. I can’t be sure whether it’s because I’m Jewish or because I hold a more integrated view of the world that expects me to identify and fight evil wherever it occurs.


A Must-Read Memoir:-


Over the holidays, I tried to catch up on my reading, including the book “Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Ali was a Muslim born in Somalia who moved to Kenya and then the Netherlands, where she became a member of Parliament. Ali ultimately came to the US to experience “pure freedom,” according to her, which is available nowhere else. It is a fascinating story and a good read. It is also a warning to be on guard against a deadly belief that all, or even most Muslims, are inherently peaceful.  Individual Muslims may be peaceful, but their religion of Islam is often not.

I frequently talk about how accusations of racism are potent weapons used by the Left. A clear template connecting 9/11 to a perverted American policy today reveals how dishonestly the government, media, and our intellectuals have dealt with the beliefs of people who adhere to strict interpretations of Islamic laws. Our government suppressed the knowledge that a large number of Muslims celebrated in our streets after 9-11 with joy at the death of our countrymen.

We have been too accepting of Muslim customs while at the same time rejecting our American customs and history. Too many Muslims in America don’t intend to assimilate into our culture but instead are working to assimilate us. We can see what we’re facing by looking at Europe, looking ahead about ten years.


A Debate – Questioning Muslim Population & Open Conflict:-


Muslims’ escalating influence in countries is based on the host country’s Muslim population percentage. When Muslims exceed  12% of a country’s population, Islam becomes no longer simply an influence on the host country but commences open war, first in heavily Muslim cities and then throughout the country. Muslims freely express their intent to instigate the creation of a Muslim Caliphate in place of the free and pluralistic institutions they emigrated to.

Tolerant Western countries lack the attitude necessary to confront aggressive demands by foreign influences made by these Muslim invaders in particular. Our lack of action and resolve betray our weakness in the face of a religion that must inevitably subsume us or fail!

Have you noticed a change in how the media reports crime? The race or ethnicity of the accused is often redacted. Why? It’s not a question of stereotyping but rather a deliberate attempt to remove your ability to think for yourself. It even impairs your ability to protect yourself and your family by hiding threats from you. In Britain today, 18% of those in prison are Muslims, even as Muslims only make up a small but rapidly growing 5% of Britain’s population. Are the British racist, or what is the underlying issue? In our own country, Muslims make up 9% of our prisoners but only 1 percent of our population. Why such a discrepancy?

This is an important question to resolve. Are Muslims more likely to be career criminals than non-Muslims? Perhaps, but let me posit something different. Many Muslims (not all) don’t respect our systems and country and bring their prejudices and proclivities with them. They are taught from an early age by radicalized Madrases that Infidels are fair game.

Similarly, many, many Arabs in Gaza and on the West Bank gleefully celebrated the massacre of 1400 innocents on October 7th. This is the reality of the institutional hatred that Muslims have for Christians and Jews. Our media regularly suppress this knowledge.

Author Ali frequently said to herself, “Oh Allah, please let it not be Muslims who did this” whenever something terrible happened in Europe or America. But too often, her first thought proved to be true. Criminality, violence, backwardness, and the criminal manner in which women are treated under the religion of Islam are not just a misunderstanding. Such behavior is based on core beliefs. Islam guarantees its adherents a one-way ticket to Paradise should they strictly follow the Quran and Hadith. It was Mohamed Atta, the mastermind of the 9-11 attacks, who explained that the core of Islam required giving one’s life to Allah.

Assimilation or Preservation? Examining Islam’s Perspective:-


Islam believes it is in a perpetual state of war with Infidels. “As it is written in the Quran—when you meet the unbelievers, strike them in the neck.” Ali also explained Islam as a “Static Tyrrany” — you may not question the infallibility of Allah’s law. Islam is in direct opposition to the concept of assimilation. This, coupled with the high birth rates of Muslims, is a strategy, not an accident. Our social support systems will ultimately ensure our own destruction if we don’t understand what is happening and defend our society against Muslim assimilation of Western culture and its replacement with Sharia Law.

Never forget or underestimate the reality that Islam’s goal is to create a worldwide Muslim Caliphate. Our irrational fear of confronting Muslims’ ultimate design is nothing more than national suicide. How many of us know that Islam translates directly into the word Submission and that Islam speaks of combat of actions and not ideas as is central to enlightened countries?

Muslim theocracy leads to a culture that generates ever more poverty, distrust, and hatred of the non-Muslim world and of anyone who does not prostrate themselves before a rigid belief system. I’ve seen this with my own eyes. It’s like going back a thousand years in time.

Every practicing Muslim understands the concept of “Dutiful Obedience. This admonishment and tenet allows every problem the West is experiencing to fester and grow unabated. It is easy to foresee a horrible and unnecessary religious war thrust upon us as a reaction to yet another intolerable change to our social cohesiveness.

I believe in a live-and-let-live attitude as to how people lead their lives. At least as far as is reasonable to believe, accept, and that are compatible with our Western values. But Islamophobia is not just another hateful word. Reasonable and justifiable fear of invaders coming to our country who are here for economic benefits and to infiltrate our society, not to promote it, but with the aim to ultimately destroy it, is an evil that cannot stand. Fifty years from today, we’ll know if we identified the enemy and faced them while we still could. Europe is the first test case; watch closely.

It is disheartening that there are so many fundamental issues facing our country all at once that we must face up to.  Disheartening or not, we must resolve to meet the threat while not corrupting the basic principles that ground us.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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