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You don’t see too many “The Emperor Has No Clothes” moments play out on national television. The Left is ordinarily smart, focused, and extremely wary of you actually hearing (and, in this case, seeing) what they stand for. There was the obvious message visible for all to see; then, there was also a more significant theme that was subtle, easily missed, yet caught three liberal women in a trap of their own making. We’ll talk about both messages in this piece.


Capitol Hill Shock: Campus Hate:-


On December 5th, The presidents of Harvard, UPenn, and MIT testified on Capitol Hill concerning exploding antisemitism on their campuses. This issue has recently plagued institutions of higher learning across the country. But something unusual happened with the wider reverberations building upon themselves like a rogue wave. The University of Pennsylvania’s president has already resigned, and Harvard’s Board, after heavy pressure from donors and alumni that expanded into Gay’s evident plagiarism, eventually relented and essentially fired her while letting her keep her nearly $1 million in annual compensation. What we witnessed playing out in front of us is the first national debate on how Free Speech works in an environment of anti-Americanism on our campuses, from grade school to the hallowed halls of formerly Lilly White Ivy League schools.

The apparent catalyst for the complete breakdown of norms in dozens of schools across the country, complete with vandalism, death threats, in-your-face intimidation, and organized anti-Jewish and anti-American Hitler-like rallies, was outside money and motivated social warfare faculty that would make any Marxist proud. We’ve heard multiple reports of Jewish students and teachers being confronted, having to run down halls, and then retreating behind locked doors in literal fear for their lives amidst denials, explanations, and minimizing perhaps the most significant unrest in our schools since the 60s. Could it be any worse?

Yes, it can and will. Here’s why. First, let’s get past the fact that what’s happening on American campuses and schools is organic and spontaneous. It’s not. At one time, school was about learning academics—no more. Remember that traditional education models are still valid in most of the world, just not here. Still, enlightened countries, meaning countries that don’t like Capitalism, Freedom, and Free Speech, have for the last forty years been quietly and effectively purging the reality of a superior Western Civilization and replacing it with a set of beliefs that can somehow see the slaughter of Jews as a good thing instead of a new Holocaust that it is. In the interests of DEI, spots are created for those who previously did not have the academic chops to get into elite schools, precisely where you see the worst outrages. The number of these individuals is not trivial and is growing.

Uncomfortable Question Shakes Presidents:-


Representative Stefanik touched a nerve that she and her fellow university presidents either couldn’t see or realized that any public acquiescing to the monstrous nature of their parsing would see them thrown out of the club; this they could not afford to do. That question was:

Whether calls by students for the genocide of Jews would constitute harassment under the schools’ codes of conduct.

None of the three were willing to answer the question with a simple “Yes.” One only has to substitute the word Black for Jews in the above statement, and you don’t have to wonder how crisp and fast the response would be. The issue is not whether a couple of university presidents get fired. The main takeaway is that Republicans did good work in showing the American public exactly what’s happening. However, this is the veritable tip of the iceberg.

What was evident to anyone watching or reading about this remarkable moment was how connected all three Presidents were. There was no daylight between them; even their subsequent clarifications were similar and hardly worth the effort as they continued dancing around the head of a pin. We’re not fooled; they’d been caught like a deer in the headlights that had ventured outside their usually “safe spaces.” Now, they are roadkill.

Remember I mentioned a second message? Certain American schools are training grounds for almost everything antithetical to traditional Americana. Let’s examine what the Left is teaching little Johnny:

  • Progressives are selfless, and Republicans are anachronistic, hateful barbarians
  • Cooperation is superior to individualism and competition
  • Systemic Racism is proven daily through the inequality of results
  • Capitalism will end life as we know it by not embracing the Climate Change agenda
  • White people have a hierarchy that excludes other races, intentionally holding others back
  • Gender issues are a white social construct that denies individuals their correct identity
  • Humanity itself is the problem, and therefore, we must stop having children and competition for scarce resources

Shallow Knowledge, Deep Concerns:-


There are myriad subsets and aberrations to the above. What you can reliably take away is that little Johnny comes out of school frequently little more than a preprogrammed automaton that has knowledge a mile wide and an inch deep. Whether talking about the Humanities, STEM, or other disciplines like Education, perhaps the majority of those who graduate (most don’t) will take a message of despair and hopelessness forward, take their anxiety and depression medicines prescribed in school or suggested by caring school counselors and carry on the work of deconstructing our country.

This is where we are.  We all know these young people. We see them with a different set of priorities than we had. As a group, they are less interested in hard work and building legacies than living a good life with their friends and playing with their electronic devices. They see the economy as stacked against them. If they are lucky, they’ll likely be the last generation to benefit from family wealth transfer. The government has a voracious need for money, and we are beginning to see calls for a Wealth Tax that will soak up large and small fortunes alike.

Everything is connected. But, it starts with the young people we birth and send to school. We bring them up in a cross-section of good and bad environments. Nevertheless, all parents wish well for their children. Today, we eat our children’s seed corn in the form of deficit spending. Our headcount in government continues to grow, and the realization that everyone pays for government is no longer widely understood. The privileged class, the elites, continues to insulate themselves from the poor choices they thrust on the rest of us.

Leadership Morality Challenge:-


Three elite University Presidents were caught unable to answer a simple moral question with a yes or no answer. It is not too different from many politicians who are schooled similarly. Ask young people the same question. You don’t have to be a University President to understand that “context” is a cop-out. Genocide is evil, no matter who promotes it or plans to perpetuate it.

That we as a people have trouble telling the truth because it shows us what we are is startling and deeply disturbing. There’s the broader question of how this happened in plain sight. Perhaps last year’s hearings were a watershed moment…the day we finally realized that we’ve taken our eyes off the ball and must return to First Principles before it is too late. After all, there is only so much time before it will be too late.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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