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Hello Fellow Patriots:

History is replete with massive failures of leadership and finger-pointing that always follow major military or political debacles. We often point out that the lens of history is frequently not resolved into sharp focus for a long time. This is going to be an exception. This massive failure to lead is on the scale of a Neville Chamberlain and his famous “Peace in our Time” quote. That’s not hyperbole.

But, as the killings and carnage in Afghanistan are only just beginning, actions can still take place to completely turn the situation around or can ameliorate the rather dire projected outcomes yet to come.

What we do as a nation in the next few days will forever cement our place in history.

The title of this article is Honor. Something we seemed to have lost in the last generation as our leaders focus on the issue de jour as they became willing slaves to the next news cycle. Two things I want to point out today to our fellow Patriots:

  1. It has been in our national interest to base large numbers of soldiers in Japan, Germany, South Korea, Italy, and other nations since the Second World War to thwart our enemy’s ability to invade, influence, and conquer nations and territory which we believe are vital to our national interest. We also are there for reasons of stability and logistics. We are saying to our enemies, we are the good guys, we will defend our friends…be warned. You can depend on our Honor and power whether we are there for selfish or altruistic reasons.  Biden was wrong. We were in Afghanistan for reasons of vital national interest. It was our execution that was `terribly wrong.
  2. There was a long time when our enemies feared us and our friends supported us unconditionally. We ended piracy as was practiced by the Berbers in 1805. We sought to buy them off previously, but their demands became ever greater and the belief that they were powerful and impervious to interdiction and defeat was never part of their calculus. Eventually, our Marines fought and won their first foreign war that said to the world, no more piracy and, even more importantly…. America has become a world leader. Thus began a proud tradition of Honor and just power that endured until we lost our way during the “Police Action” in Vietnam.

The Romans ruled a vast territory that stretched from the Atlantic to the Middle East with only 16 Legions at its peak. A Legion could have between 3,000 and 3,500 men. Keep in mind that logistically, they had no airpower, no ability to maneuver quickly to one of the roughly 50 countries they controlled. Then, how did they keep their subjugated slaves in control? Through brutal punishment. The takeaway for us should be an unquestioned belief by our enemies that killing Americans will result in swift and total reprisals.

To put a point on it, think no two bricks are still together. Total annihilation. Remember, we are the good guys. “Woke Thinking” would have you think that everyone is equal, that the United States has no more right to exist than say, the Taliban. They are not. Once you get that straight in your mind, everything that needs to follow to back up that philosophy becomes easy. And, the casualties will be much less than our present strategy. This is a seachange in philosophy for the current generation.

When we understand how to wage just war, you no longer have continual angst about your actions.

Our enemies are frequently smart, resilient, and yet can still be, evil incarnate. They burn people alive, stone them, pour bleach down their throats, slit throats and do every other vile act you can think of to exert total control over their subjects.  Our enemies study us; our strengths and weaknesses, our sense of purpose, our capabilities, and our shortcomings. In the last 50 years, our enemies have come to understand our primary weakness; we lack honor.

If you have honor, your actions become preordained. You don’t leave people behind, you don’t break your promises and you don’t put your people in a position of danger unless you carefully weigh the mission, the consequences, and the costs and are willing to stay the course regardless. It is in this specific paragraph that our country has failed. We use euphemistic terms like optics, coalitions of the willing, deconflicting, and other somewhat nebulous terms that infer nothing but yet become part of our lexicon of thinking. It bears repeating that when you unsheathe your sword, it becomes bloody.

The degree of blood is immaterial.

In America, we somehow think the death of a hundred, a thousand, or even a million is somehow different from the death of a single person. We depend on our enemies to fight fair, think logically, and otherwise comport themselves as we do. Our enemies use our fear of mass casualties to emasculate us. They hide among the non-combatants like cockroaches and rarely meet us on the battlefield in a straight-up fight. The concept of the slow bleed started in Vietnam and has continued ever since. We will not win another necessary war ever again until we learn that lesson.

I remember, way back to the first Persian Gulf War; I was there in a contractor capacity. I watched CNN as we attacked the second night, Iraq’s high-rise intelligence building. What startled me were the civilians arrayed around the building in lawn chairs and buying Falafel from street vendors. Civilians knew we were going to attack and they were relying on the accuracy of our Precision Guided bombs and missiles. They were there for the show! Unbelievable. 

We have institutionalized a belief by our enemies that we won’t kill non-combatants whatever the cost. The result is we don’t win wars anymore. War is about breaking things and killing people. There is no other way to wage war. When will we learn that lesson?

We are faced with a horrible dilemma.

Walk away without honor or do the honorable thing. Biden has no honor. He is a perpetual photo op and/or sound bite. He is a weak leader and politician. I don’t know how he survives this travesty.

What can you do? Reach out to our other political leaders. Write letters to the editor, demand honor. Insist we get all our fellow citizens and friends, including the Special Visa Applicants that depended on our honor to help us, out of the country. If more American lives wind up being lost in the pursuit of honor; that’s tragic, but our honor and credibility need to be restored to stop the next evil country, evil terrorist organizations, or evil cabal of Internationalists from believing that America’s time has come to an end.

At its core, what we are defending is not only our standing in the world but our very survival. There is no other country in the world that can or will replace us as that shining city on the hill as Reagan’s last speech talked about. It’s us or the darkness.  We must act before it is too late.

What do you think? I challenge you to share this blog with just 3 people who need to read it. That’s how we get the word out in a media environment such as todays!

Thank you, fellow Patriots.

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