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Hello Fellow Patriots:

Let me ask you a question. Is our form of government different today than let’s say our government 50 years ago, 100 years, or even back to our founding?

Sure, it is. Our Founding Fathers would not recognize what we’ve done with their “Perfect Vision.” While technically we have the Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy, the drumbeat of the New Left is decidedly pro-pseudo-Democratic as they fight to redefine us. And in doing so, a new Political Super Class of elected officials has formed that no longer respects the conventions, goals, and history that saw our country become the only free Superpower on Earth. Citizens like you and me stand in the way of their New World view. Liberals (Marxists) are gunning for us. The Left is clearly articulating a message for those that stand in their way; it says loudly and clearly…Drop Dead!

Calls for the end of the Electoral College in favor of popular vote elections are but just one example of this new worldview. Another example is a rabid attempt to kill the Senate system of requiring 60 votes to pass legislation. Those are perhaps, the two best-known battles. But, in a myriad of other actions and reactions, our long successful system is under great strain. We return to the same subjects over and over again because the cumulative effects of these anti-democratic practices are eating us alive from the inside out. Constant bickering prevents us from coalescing around common and vital essential truths necessary for our survival.

The new Government Cabal which henceforth, I will call the ‘Imperium,’ is something different than we’ve seen before. There have always been factions, but we’ve been Americans first, especially during times of strife. Not as in America First, but Americans with a common heritage, value system, and shared aspirations.  Sadly, that’s what has changed and is what I believe to be the root cause of the fractious divisions within our system. 

I’ll stay away today from any mention of enemies, conspiracies, or the reasons this conflict commenced. Instead, we’ll just lay bare the issues that divide us and, that we as a society must come to peace with.  We must also relearn and refocus on several critical truths if we are to survive as a recognizable vestige of our former selves. Recognizable in terms of six basic constructs that define us, that I call:

The Uniqueness of America

  1. Freedom from Government Oppression—our government now has the power to intrude in everything we do. The highest achievement of our country should be restraint in the use of its unlimited powers on its people except in support of these enumerated truths. The government has overreached and violated the Constitution by assuming the majority of powers originally reserved for the States and intruded too far into the everyday lives of its citizens.
  2. Individual Freedom to Succeed or Fail on our own.  We have tried to create a benevolent Government that has created a safety net for tens of millions. In the process, we have taken away the principal impetus that each individual requires to learn, fail, try again and then flourish. Failure, ugly failure is as American as Apple Pie. A benevolent government winds up being a tyrannical government such as we have today, by eliminating an ability to fail.
  3. An Open Door Policy for immigrants who desire to become Americans cannot be unlimited.  How painfully we hurt all those souls who do not and cannot live as we do. Millions of caring Americans together allow us to be the most generous nation in the world.
    The beauty of our American system is not that we can take in a billion poor souls and bring them here. No, the beauty of our system is how the American people have changed the world and created, through our economic vitality, hundreds of millions of middle-class individuals.  We then helped to provide clean water and food for many millions more. Opening the door and bringing them here, as Biden is doing, won’t fix economic disparities. Already it is well known that a majority of the immigrants coming here illegally will never assimilate into our country or benefit our country economically; they’ll just drain us of our treasure and our unity. For the first time in a very long time, perhaps forever, it is not the intent of many immigrants to assimilate. You see this play out everywhere with highly concentrated immigrant areas all over the country.  People continue to speak their native tongue and the signage in areas where they live is printed in a plethora of foreign languages. Why don’t we demand that you learn English if you come here? It’s certainly not racist; it’s both essential and practical.Did you know that you can take the Citizenship Test without speaking English? There are many exceptions to the requirement to have to learn English.
  4. A Government that Creates the Conditions for Success.  Our government has forgotten its central purpose, which is to aid its people in the pursuit of happiness. And, in doing so, now has decided it will intervene in our system of free markets to engineer social outcomes. Does anyone truly believe that the government, based on its past actions, can create laws, policies, rules, and incentives that will do anything except distort markets and healthy behaviors?Good Government should be a cheerleader for mostly economic issues, leaving social issues to individuals, religious organizations, and private charity whenever possible. In matters of life and safety, the government must tread carefully on peoples’ lives. Too heavy a touch negatively influences behavior to the point of creating more of the hopelessness, poverty, and negative behavior that you can see oozing out of our pores today. The hundreds of thousands of government workers who dole out the billions of dollars are also ultimately unproductive and yet another drag on our society.  Not everyone can work for the government.  Someone has to work productively, pay taxes, and create new wealth that is vital to our future. Government is increasingly hostile to the creation of wealth. You see scheme after scheme all trying to figure out how to make someone who creates wealth “pay their fair share.” Never is it stated that too many of us pay little or nothing in taxes and the number of takers grows daily in an unholy cabal between those takers and an ever-growing government.
  5. A Military that Protects our Security, Especially Trade Routes. It’s a cold cruel world out there. With little in the way of brotherly goodwill, and no other democracy able to step up to the plate, our military is all that stands between us and foreign domination. It’s that simple. Warriors are a different breed. They can’t be compared to career civil servants. Those that we ask to stand watch over us as we sleep should not be subjects for social experimentation.   Keep your cotton-picking hands off our men and women who may someday be called to lay down their life for you.
  6. The Right to Practice our Religion and a requirement to be an Ethical Nation Our most fundamental right has been completely turned on its head. The Founding Fathers had it right. While our government can and must be secular, the principles that govern our every move must be founded on the Judeo-Christian origins we brought to the New World.  They gird our nation and make us stand out from so many others. A history of Morality and Ethics has been completely undercut by minority groups that seek an atheist country; God forbid that happens.  A judgment-free country is nothing more than a collection of individuals wandering in the desert. Good morals, ethics, and an abiding belief in God must continue to be our foundational bedrock.

I hope you are still reading as I bring this piece to a conclusion. America is worth fighting for and even dying for. But only if we stay true to our origin and our true mission. What mission you may ask? We are the only nation that has and still can make the world a better place. Our fundamental enemy is no longer China or Russia. It is ourselves and the ‘Imperium’ we have somehow allowed becoming our own ruthless Dictator. WE THE PEOPLE are our most sacred superpower. Never forget that truth and always believe that WE THE PEOPLE can move not just mountains, but entire worlds when we stay true to our miraculous beginnings.  There is no backstop to us. We rise or fall on what we do next.

Allan J. Feifer




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