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Some of my friends think Biden has been a punching bag for Conservatives, while others can’t believe how much Biden gets away with.  Since both can’t be true, which is it?  Biden may be the least transparent President in history, although he claims to the contrary.  Biden has done just 22 media interviews, fewer than any of his six most recent White House predecessors at this point in their presidencies.  Why?  By avoiding answering revealing questions, could he be seeking to make it all go away?

There are two primary reasons Biden does not meet with the public more often.  And when he does, he frequently does not speak the truth. 

  1. President Biden is low energy, finds it challenging to prepare and deliver speeches, and frequently makes gaffes that friends and foes alike misread.
  2. President Biden has known skeletons in his closet and has not fought back well against allegations.

This partial list of challenges to the President’s transparency reveals his attempts to explain not just mistakes but displays terrible judgment:

  1. Balloongate—In a single 10-day period, the American people witnessed an unchallenged, week-long aerial invasion of the United States.  His Administration explained it in multiple, sometimes contradictory ways, with the Commander in Chief blaming the advice he received from the Joint Chiefs.  And when the following three airborne intruders were discovered, they were rapidly shot down.

  2. Ukraine—I must have missed the President explaining the specific objectives we seek.  To most Americans who support backing Ukraine, the President is playing a game of Chicken.  We seem to give the Ukrainians enough support to defend themselves at a horrific cost of lives.  But we won’t give them the decisive weapons they need to push Russia out.  The logical conclusion is that Biden is playing out the clock and eventually expects Ukraine to capitulate and make peace under threat of collapse as Western nations tire of Biden’s game.

  3. Hunter Biden—Here’s a story that students of Journalism will study for the next hundred years.  The Administration closed ranks and stated unequivocally that the laptop was Russian disinformation.  Before the election, Biden’s campaign got 50 current and former intelligence chiefs to claim the same.  The facts are, as the NTY confirmed only last year, that the laptop is genuine.  Yet the FBI declined to open an investigation that may involve evidence of multiple Federal crimes, perhaps even the President’s involvement.

  4. Classified Documents Fiasco—Used to pillory Trump, an actual former President with various rights to possess classified records and to declassify them at his purview (while in office) as juxtaposed by Senator and then Vice President Biden, who has no rights to possess any classified documents much less an ability to retain any by law.  A world of difference, folks.  However, we must overlay one other terrifying proposition.  If Hunter is in the pocket of China as it looks to all the world, how can anyone know if the ‘Big Man’ is not involved?  The scope of the Hunter problem could take on an entirely different dimension.
  5. The Border—No one should disagree that the border was closed before Biden took office.  By Presidential Directive, he thrust open the border for more than five million illegals so far to stake their claim to a New America.  The question never asked of the President is why?  Can there be any other answer than Biden’s plans to find a way to offer immunity to as many immigrants as he can?  Again, why?  That answer is painfully obvious…Democrats will never lose an election again.

    The other possible answer is so appalling that I almost dare not mention it.  If not for the above reason, then the only other reason you come to is an intent to effectively dilute the existing stock of Americans to pave the way to one-world status for America someday. 

  6. The War on Parents—Traditional families are not among President Biden’s priorities.  Higher taxes, inflation, and the overtaking of parental rights by the government find parents becoming potential Domestic Terrorists targets of the FBI.  In addition, Transgender has become a ‘thing’ with school systems that secretly transition children without the knowledge or agreement of parents.

  7. Energy—You heard the President say that oil will only be around for another ten years.  Think of what he is signaling.  Don’t loan money for projects that will fail well before their design lifetimes.  A signal that the heavy hand of government will defeat anyone trying to increase our oil supply or, God forbid, to bring prices down.

    Biden’s entire strategy is built on quicksand.  Knowing that ‘Green Energy” is more expensive and less reliable than the status quo, he plans to subsidize all ‘Green Energy’ and tax the snot out of fossil fuels and Americans through higher taxes.  Inexpensive energy is directly tied to our standard of living.  Under Biden’s own ‘I Dream of a New America,’ we will live like the rest of the world with much less travel, fewer cars of any type, smaller homes, and less opportunity overall.

  8. Inflation—Let no one believe otherwise.  Inflation is a weapon used against the middle class, and inflation did not sneak up on us.  Biden knew, he was warned, that adding $3 trillion in debt was massively inflationary, and he did it anyway to fulfill his promises to his climate masters.  Inflation costs the average family another $5,000 yearly in increased cost of living and vastly greater interest costs on debt.
  9. Covid, before, during, and afterward—Covid was well on its way to being under control when Biden took office.  The economy was already opening up, especially in Red states, but Biden had little desire to understand how Covid came to be.  That was important to understand, assign responsibility, learn, and not be as vulnerable the next time.  I see little focus on finding and fixing these failings in his Administration.  Why?

President Biden continues to be a mystery in many ways.  He was elected solely because he was not Trump.  Former President Trump was demonized, yet he made many great decisions during his presidency and indeed would have been elected for another term except for Covid.  

Biden is a president that has been wrong on so many issues that it became a joke many years ago.  How has this man that did not come from money, had no wealthy wife, and has never worked outside of government, become wealthy?  His extended family, of similar beginnings, also have become rich.  Was that due to the ‘Big Man’s connections?

These questions and observations should make inquiring minds interested in discovering how the most powerful man in the free world came to be.  Gaps in times, financial transactions, and even the quality of past decision-making seem to be off-limits to what’s left of investigative reporting.  What happened to inquisitive media?  

Always the question of why?

God Bless America. 

Allan J. Feifer


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