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Did you hear that the Women’s NCAA championship game drew a larger television audience, 18.9 million, than the men’s game? Women’s basketball used to be nothing more than a courtesy, while the main event was always men’s sports. Title IX changed all that, as did the unbelievable performance of an undefeated South Carolina that beat Iowa with superstar Caitlin Clark. Are we witnessing the high water mark for women’s athletics? Dawn Staley, South Carolina Coach, threw down the gauntlet, commenting,

“I’m on the opinion of, if you’re a woman, you should play. If you consider yourself a woman and want to play sports or vice versa, you should be able to play.”

Today, I’ll share my take on the dynamics and intersection of Progressive policies vs. women’s moral and legal rights, which many see as under threat. Trans Women in sports (are there any Trans Men in sports?) is an issue that has come out of Left Field seemingly overnight. Of the millions of women who compete at one level or another, there appear to be only a few Trans athletes, with perhaps a couple hundred or slightly more. (there is no reliable source on this issue).


Strategies to Devalue Women:-


The fundamental question that has gone unanswered so far enlarges the issue of Trans athletes to fairness in general for all of us. While the problem is much broader than women alone, let’s stay with women, in particular, today and talk about the strategy to devalue women, which doesn’t get much, if any, press at all:


1. Challenging Feminism:-


Women are being indoctrinated in a single Marxist-focused manner that devalues traditional female roles. The term genderism is frequently used to reveal the ultimate goal of some: remove sex as a determinant in human life. Devalue motherhood by replacing it with cliché monikers such as birthing persons and pushing concepts such as self-aggrandizement over necessary sacrifice.


2. Intersection of Marxist & Women’s Rights:-


Marxism can not exist alongside freedom. Women are waking up to an understanding that other rights and privileges will be denied to them if they buy into the Marxist agenda. Inevitably, women will lose the privacy and control that independent, free-thinking women have enjoyed and are now losing. Abortion was never about freedom to choose; it is fundamentally about groupthink and the State’s intrusion into your privacy, as well as interfering with genuine freedom of choice.


3. Kamala Harris Raises Alarm: Women Will Not Be Silenced:-


Do Women want to be drones? VP Kamala Harris made it clear with the comment:

“They’re going after everything. It’s not just abortion; it’s birth control access; it’s marriage equality. This is just really the beginning,”

Harris is driving a wedge between women who desire a traditional life vs. an anything-goes lifestyle. How is that a choice, with one being ultimately destructive and therefore illogical? The State is legislating restrictions and fundamentally not broadening them through laws and policies that have the opposite effect, pushing women into a single narrative.


4. Challenges to Women’s Empowerment – Education:-


Do women deserve the best education they can get, or simply the minimum level that so many schools deliver through policy and curriculum? Gifted or talented children’s programs are disappearing all over the country. With a slight majority of those spots previously reserved for women, what does that say about what the State expects from our most promising women? The message is clear: mediocrity and conformity at the lowest achievable level are the goals of today’s education system. As women’s sports go, so does their ticket to higher levels of attainment, with government policies barring the doors of success to millions of women. You must ask yourself, why not promote our best and not settle for mediocrity? The answer: Equity. Another part of the Marxist playbook, comrade.


5. Political Affiliation,


The 19thAmendment to the Constitution guaranteed women the right to vote. And they have exercised that right at rates slightly higher than men do. Pew Research Center survey data over two decades shows a growing gender gap in partisan affiliation. In 2018 and 2019, the Democratic Party held a wide advantage with women: 56% of female registered voters identified as Democrats or leaned toward the Democratic Party. This contrasts with men, among whom 50% were Republicans or GOP leaners, and 42% identified as or leaned Democratic.Why the 14% difference between the genders?  

As much as gender-neutral thought leaders would have you believe, women are more pursuable on progressive issues. The Democratic party fans the fears of women and paints a picture of conservatives as MAGA lovers, dangerous to women’s priorities. Democratic rhetoric has the effect of disenfranchising women by manipulating them through the loud application of false premise concepts and pseudo-facts. The critical question should be whether you are better off under Biden than Trump. Forget the rhetoric and trust your eyes. Democracy is not in danger with conservatives but is very much so under progressive Democrats, nay Marxists.


 6. Media Influence:-


The popular press continually misinforms women concerning conservatives, right-aligned special interest groups, social media, etc., warning that, without an ever-growing government to protect them, women will eventually lose the rights that conservatives want to take away from them. While men are also susceptible to such messaging, women are more likely to seek out protection and reject competition. A perfect example is climate change activism, in which white women lead the charge. More of those preachy white women who rely on a not-so-diverse NPR for their news?


Women Empowerment: Navigation & Advocation:-


I hope that everyone who reads this understands the danger of manipulating thought with targeted messaging designed to sow fear and anxiety among some highly persuadable women in an attempt to manipulate their votes and priorities. Independent thought is critically important at a time when so much messaging is designed to create a dependency on government support and complete allegiance to the aims of Progressive politicians who promise to take care of you.

The government has neither the power, the money, nor the inclination to make anyone the best example of themselves they can be. The government exists for its own purposes. The leaders of the various women’s political groups from Emily’s List, AARP, Planned Parenthood, and a wide array of socially liberal groups that tug at your heartstrings (and your wallets), instructing women on what to believe and how to buy whatever snake oil being pushed at the moment.

Ultimately, your best interests and that of your family and country are in the crosshairs of whatever they push. Such groups frequently want nothing more than to achieve and hold power at your expense.

Always question the messenger. Don’t be sucked into thinking that the message they deliver is good for you, your family, or your country. Marxists dominate all the liberal progressive outlets. Half don’t even realize they have become Marxist stooges.

Here’s to hoping women discover their real interests, which require a strong, traditional, and powerful America. Without that, no one can protect anyone’s God-given rights.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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