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Elon Musk tossed the proverbial hand grenade into the politely liberal Jewish mindset when he responded to a post from @breakingbaht, which read:

“Jewish communities [sic] have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them.”

Musk wrote back:

“You have said the actual truth.” In another reply, Musk also protested; “I am deeply offended by the Anti-Defamation League’s  messaging and any other groups who push de facto anti-white racism, or anti-Asian racism or racism of any kind.”

A not-so-thinly veiled retort to the powerful Anti-Defamation League that then fired back,” At a time when antisemitism is exploding in America and surging around the world, it is indisputably dangerous to use one’s influence to validate and promote anti-Semitic theories,” they warned Musk.”

But what if, nonetheless, it’s true? Truth must be able to stand up to hard introspection. In November of 2022, I wrote an article entitled “What Happened to Never Again” that held intelligent people can and frequently do come to the wrong conclusion, even attempting to turn their false conclusions into unassailable dogma. However, their premise still might be dead wrong, resulting in horrible consequences we see play out all too often. Such as the issue Elon Musk asserted the other day.


Perfection – A Condition of Being Perfect:-


“Perfection,” as used in the title of this piece, is an interesting word. One definition of perfection is “the quality or condition of being perfect.” The higher humans seek to evolve, the closer we are to understanding fundamental truths we should strive to achieve. However, that doesn’t always happen in practice.

Modern American Judaism was predominantly either Conservative or Orthodox. Antisemitism has its roots in old America, tied closely to both a Christian Biblical perspective referencing Jesus and the Jews while, in addition, closely linked to the jealousy we see throughout America of the financial and societal success of the prosperous in general and Jewish people in particular. Antisemitism appeared in lockstep with widespread American Jewish prosperity.

An exploding new subset of American Judaism called Reformed came on the scene in the 1970s, hypercharging American liberalism to fuse American Jews into mainstream America with a singular focus on inclusiveness. Reformed tenets include: “emphasizing the evolving nature of Judaism, the superiority of its ethical aspects to its ceremonial ones, and belief in a continuous search for truth and knowledge.” Reformed is the largest self-identified Jewish sect today and is growing.

The widely adopted term “Progressivism” was derived from the original name for Reformed…Progressive Judiaism.

Raised primarily in the hyper-religious South, I understood the need to keep my head down and remain insular to avoid being too noticeable. Not able to join social clubs in Atlanta, we Jews had our Progressive Club and Standard Club, Jewish camps for our kinder, and other business and social organizations.

But, behind the scenes, many of us also wanted to belong to the greater public community. Blocked out of many white or Christian organizations, traditions, schools, and more, Jews marshaled their good intentions, financial acumen, and desire to help others through liberal activism to change the larger societal dynamic.


Calls for Humanity Clash with Power Dynamics:-


“See what we are doing to make humanity better? Join us!” was the message of the Jews. Unfortunately, such efforts, particularly in the South, served to enrage those who had much to lose if or when their power base was eroded. Antisemitism got a big boost when we Jews stuck our collective necks out to help previously disenfranchised minorities. But, once those wrongs were substantially righted, quite a few American Jews never recognized the changed landscape. Instead, they redoubled their efforts on behalf of other distinct underclasses of minorities and other social outcasts (LGBT), separate and apart from white society.

I have had more than one fight with a Rabbi on this issue that centers on the theory of “Equal Outcomes,” which has now morphed into the worst artificial contrivance of all that is, Equity. Today’s definition of “Equity” rationalizes the false belief that everyone is equal and that evidence to the contrary highlights the existence of Systemic Racism.

How do intelligent people miserably fail on such a basic presumption as ability?

It’s easier to understand how that happened  through the understanding of this simple formula:

Smart People + Economically Secure + Time equals Liberal Introspection.  

With built-in bias, the majority of Jews have developed, after more than a couple of millenniums of persecution, a Secular Humanism point of view that weighs heavily towards a “humanist life stance emphasizing the unique responsibility facing humanity and the ethical consequences of human decisions.” Like our universities and other schools, the teachings of ethics by our religious leaders are very powerful. An innate belief exists that the “Chosen People” have a commensurate responsibility to set a proper moral tone.



Right or wrong, this is the paradox of how very smart people jumped the rails and ended up believing in ideas that were opposed to their self-interest. Today, we have Jewish groups here in America advocating for the destruction of Israel, even while Israel is involved in a war, not of their choosing. As outlandish as this sounds, the circle of absurdity that began a hundred years ago when groups of Jewish people were deciding how they could try to assimilate into polite society has now been completed. Our intelligent and altruistic people lost their way.  Instead of achieving the inclusivity they desired, they bought into a logical fallacy that would see them digging their own graves if left to its natural conclusion.


A Wake-Up Call for Jewish Liberals:-


Perhaps, in some ways, the tragedy of October 7th can achieve some salutary good by waking up some Jewish liberals to the reality of their positions. Self-loathing now dominates not just Jewish youth but youth in general. The more prestigious the school, the more Marxist, anti-Jewish, and anti-Israel they seem to become. We are only now waking up to the extent that we have an entire generation of anti-Americans who see us as colonialists and slave traders, even going so far as enslaving present-day workers in a dystopian view of America’s raison d’etre. A topsy-turvy view? Of course. But, it is amazingly common today as revisionists find new ways of undercutting the most extraordinary country man ever conceived. Ours has been a nation as close to perfection as ever was founded. But now, instead of the “Shining city upon a hill,” we are a nation at war with itself, having thoroughly lost our bearings.

It is not my role to ascribe blame to any one group or philosophy. It is enough to highlight the fallacy that sees us Jews hating ourselves while expecting a good outcome. Once you hate your own kind, who or what do you turn to instead?

That answer is our most profound question. The answer reflects the reality that our enemies have given us the tools and false gods that buttress destructive and zero-sum beliefs, all the while ensuring the destruction of those poor souls who no longer think for themselves.

We must have the intellectual strength and fortitude to think critically regarding perfection. For every teacher, administrator, and elected leader who seeks the opposite, their reward will be to burn in hell for all eternity. There can be no other answer.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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