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If Rush Limbaugh were alive today, what would he tell us?  I believe he’d say that the war of attrition against Freedom, American Prosperity, and Uniqueness is entering its final chapter.  He’d hammer the issue of J6 prisoners of conscience imprisoned for supporting our Constitution and our shared inalienable rights against the usurpers.  He would tell us every day,

“This cannot stand.”

I believe that one or more well-organized shadow organizations already exist to defeat the dark overlords that have descended upon our once-great nation.  We don’t even know who they are or their endgame!  We have no idea who is the puppet master holding Biden’s strings.  All we know is their objectives are not pro-American; they lead directly to death and destruction and are evil in their conception and intent.

But first, everyone should know the truth that they hide from you so carefully, so forcefully, and so cruelly.

Usurpers have taken over our government, our traditions, even our majesty— but can be allowed to do so no more.  There has always been a just cost for traitors; their reckoning must come eventually, soon, I hope. If Rush were alive today, he would lead a first-ever Radio Free America pirate station to broadcast the unvarnished truth to confront the other side’s lies leading us to inevitable subjugation and ruin.  Like-minded people are working in concert to fight against those who despise your rights, history, and your very existence, which threatens them.  They know they must destroy you before you destroy them.  This is a clarion call to us not to give up hope.  Remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Let me remind you of what our enemies try to make you believe is true through endless repetition and what is the predicate for their new version of a New America, which they believe is close at hand: The media portrays us as born in sin and a weak and decadent remnant of what it might have been long ago.  You and I know that to be propaganda that supports a false narrative.  There is a general understanding that the Destroyers need you to destroy yourselves.


  • Republicans are called Economic Terrorists for trying to inject sanity into our spending spree.  We spend two trillion dollars more annually now than pre-pandemic, and Democrats and Progressives want to lock that spending in forever.  Government receipts are up double digits each year, but that isn’t enough to begin to slow the deficit spending designed to buy the votes of weak people and weak minds.



  • Look at what the nation’s largest home insurer, State Farm, just did.  They dropped California, no longer writing new property insurance policies.  State Farm cited rising construction costs as the prime factor in our politically correct world, which should apply to Florida, New York, and many other places.  While the real reason is their loss history in general through fraud and government rules in particular.   This has affected State Farm’s ability to lay off exposure to the huge and vital reinsurance market that all insurance companies access.  Homelessness, lawlessness, and overly pro-consumer courts are bankrupting not just insurance companies but businesses, large and small.


  • With all the talk by the left shrieking at the idea of a state religion, the subject of Climate Change is taught in schools in a manner that would make any Parochial school leader proud.   Kids today believe Climate Change is a life and death issue; issues are structured to keep children frightened and hopeless, unable to comprehend a fair and balanced view of such a highly charged subject.  Schools teach fear and obedience today.


  • Did you hear about the City College of New York professor who trashed a pro-life information table on campus while shrieking obscenities at the students?  Then, when reporters went to her home for comment, she came out of the door with a machete and held it to the reporter’s throat!  All this was caught on camera, or there would have been zero proof or ramifications.


  • On the subject of so-called teachers, in Colorado, the largest teachers union came out with a strong statement against…wait for it, Capitalism!  At its 97th Annual Delegate Assembly in April, the state’s largest teachers’ union formally voted to oppose Capitalism as an economic system.  Does this clear and present danger resonate with you?  Why would anyone want their children taught by people like this?  While we mostly love our teachers and their dedication to their students,  we hate these anti-teachers for betraying all of us.


  • Woke companies everywhere are being rejected by consumers, costing investors tens of billions of dollars in market losses.  Have you checked your 401-k recently?  Target, Disney, Bud Light, and a literal cast of hundreds of other companies have rejected the concept of working for their investors and instead adopted policies that are the epitome of liberal, democratic, woke causes like transgenderism, homosexuality, reparations, and much, much more. Where’s the accountability?  There is none.


  • American brick-and-mortar stores have had problems for a generation.  Woke companies like Walmart, CVS, Target, and even specialty brands like Old Navy were sucked into ‘doing the right thing’ and building in “underserved” areas of big cities.   Now, those very same names are pulling out in droves as they count their losses in the billions but won’t mouth truthful reasons to explain why they can’t survive in those locations.  The cause is apparent, but Wokeism won’t allow you to say that the principal causes are shoplifting, violent crime, weak or unenforced laws, and courts that return the most profligate and violent offenders for endless rounds of mayhem.


Eight examples of economically and socially destructive behavior happen with the full knowledge and consent of a political majority in major American cities, almost exclusively run by black politicians and a coalition of Democratic Progressives whose loudly communicated intent is to crash our system.  This is how the war on freedom, individualism, and the rule of law is played out in America today—egged on by an adoring liberal media, nothing less than cheerleaders of death and mayhem.

Did you know that 95% of the matter in the universe has not been scientifically observed?  We call it Dark Matter.   We can’t see it, but we know it exists; we can infer it because of the intrinsic mathematical balance that governs the universe.  Right now, one or more groups of highly intelligent and organized individuals are planning to fight back before our country comes to the point of no return.   How do I know?  By inference.  Millions of Americans won’t go down quietly.  Millions think like you and I, with many more weighing their options.

The fight is coming.

Will you be ready when Rush calls?

God Bless America!

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, and Thinker.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com.

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