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We live in a different America than I grew up in.

Plainly speaking your mind today can be dangerous due to the offense someone is inevitably going to take. A societal passiveness dominates the minds, thoughts, and actions of those who should know better. Today, my message is harsh and will not be well received by some…

There is no death by a thousand cuts for the thinking man. We know what’s what and recognize there’s no boundary to what ‘they demand’ we must abide by. No limit to any indignity, half-truths, or banal bending of what you know to be true but dare not freely acknowledge lest the mob descend upon you and poke out your eyes like so many mindless chickens.

I am speaking to those of you who think like I that the end of a long road is upon us. 30-40 years of bending, complying, compromising, and faking a belief that somehow the world is indeed different than we grew up in. But it’s not.

The world has no great mysteries to hide, no secret truth; what you see is what you get.

But you would not know it from listening to all those who wish to beat you to death with their view of the world. A view, you must adopt wholeheartedly or perish, in their calculation, in fact, the better that you perish; I believe this in my heart. Because in this Brave New World there is no room for another view.

You must believe the party line on everything or you are the enemy.

Where does that leave us? Let’s explore the possibilities.

World events perpetuating America’s destruction:

  • Biden in Glasgow, Scotland without China, Russia, and India who together produce more greenhouse gasses than anyone else and who are not reducing their greenhouse contribution.  If climate change is an existential problem, how does that work? Does it even matter to them? Biden is behind America’s destruction…
  • Immigration—two million people invade the US border and achieve effective legal status from the Biden administration despite breaking our laws by coming here. Who benefits?
  • Walmart shelves (and others) can’t keep up with demand, sending a signal to all that those shortages may intensify thereby accelerating hoarding. Is the US on the verge of becoming a new third-world nation where crippling shortages exist?
  • 1/3 of all oilfield drilling equipment is idled by government fiat. Loans to oil companies to fund drilling are officially discouraged by public policy thereby tightening the supply spiral while oil prices shoot higher.
  • The Pandemic will shortly move into a third year with millions of people religiously hanging on to every public pronouncement, condemnation, restrictions, and emergency measure. Many Virtues Signal their support of government oversight in their daily lives. It has become a new religion with Faucism at its core.
  • Children in the crosshairs; education is in shambles and priorities at school are Gay Rights, Trans Rights, and removing all vestiges of our incredible history.
  • Trump is likened to the sword of Damocles. The mere utterance of his name stops people in their tracks and ends debates, thought, and reasonableness.   
  • China is allowed to script the next chapter of world history with little pushback. America willingly gives up its industrial might and world leadership due to Woke policies and financial bribery. China is behind America’s destruction.
  • The clarion utterance of Racism is like a drug that freezes White people in their tracks and gives cover to all those that have waited to run wild with their fanatical ideas that seem to have no bounds. Extremism has become normalized. Denunciation is the new coin of the realm. Make any outrageous claim and not face intellectual scrutiny.
  • Money, money, money, spend like there is no tomorrow, a government that does not govern, but aids the Destroyers in their quest to slaughter the fatted cow known formerly as America. Overspending is behind America’s destruction…

There is no tomorrow, there is only today. The way back begins with realizing that the time to dither is gone.

The time to ponder is passed.

The time to figure out how best to react in the face of such monstrous horror is over. The monster has come and plundered us. We are all in its wake now. You just don’t realize it yet. Yet, it is not too late to fight back. It’s never too late. Do not wring your hands, leave that to the dead and dying.

For you, for me, it’s blood for blood. It’s time to fight back. To no longer tie one hand behind your back. It is time to speak the truth, speak plainly especially amongst the simpleton, the fearful, and speak with conviction and then act with decisiveness and valor. The Destroyers have worked their worst and left us in dire straits with our backs up against the wall.

They think we are done in. Let those who are trying to destroy America discover otherwise.

Our enemies expect us to give up, roll over and capitulate to save whatever we can, no matter what small smidgen that might be. But I stand here to say that we are still the seed corn of our forbearers and we will not roll over and take whatever pittance of survival is offered. It’s all or nothing for me. How about you?

Fight we must. But who is the enemy? In a demonic manner, our enemies have masked themselves from our view. They are not people whom you might smite outright, they become vague notions, apparitions, and ideas that have taken form in our everyday lives and used sorcery to change our world in ways too horrible to contemplate.

Who is behind America’s destruction?

They strike us in our hearts, our minds, our pocketbooks, and in our exceptionalism. That which makes us distinctly different from all other modern societies.

Where are America’s enemies hiding?

  • Attacks on the nuclear family
  • Shortages of material goods
  • The destruction of our very dignity
  • The theft of a better future for our children
  • The creation of false prophets
  • Collectivism
  • Hatred of the Individual who strives
  • The Invasion of the home country to serve the One Worlders
  • The gutting of the American Experience and its history
  • The Promotion of Mediocrity above all else

We are the Fatted Cows

All these things my friends have become the enemy that sucks our lifeblood drop by drop. And, we stand by and let it happen. How can this be? How did it come to this when so many see what is taking place in the clear light of day? What miraculous drug blinds us and forces us to assist in our own suicide? Was it greed? Sophistry? Was it slothfulness or was it something else?

Our Founders always worried about people who did not fear starvation. People with a full stomach who could ruminate over ethereal and unimportant matters while Rome burned. That their priorities thus become misaligned and somehow pave the way for what did transpire. Now, what do you say?

For too many, the fight will never come. We are too old, too placid, too fearful, and too overwhelmed to do anything meaningful. But, for those disadvantaged individuals with the spunk to fight and the understanding of what they have lost and what they might yet recover, all is not lost.

The thing you have to understand about fighting is that until you commence the fight, everything is measured from today’s understanding and perceptions. Once the fight has commenced, that becomes history. The day the fight begins, a new history can be, will be written. The measure of your enemy is always a reflection of yourself.

Your enemies base their actions on your prior actions.

They make certain conjectures and conclusions based on their historical experience. If you fight now, they will not expect it. They believe you to be well cowed and no longer a tangible threat to their worldview. They believe you are subjugated and brought low. Show them that you are not.

Strike them not in a proportional and measured way, but in the way of someone who is fighting for their lives, with a fierceness they do not possess and anger derived from righteous indignation that others might want to take all that you have so that they become your new masters and overseers.

The Destroyers of America have been very careful over the last generation.

They have attempted mightily and well to make incremental changes that can be digested by the masses, one indignity at a time. One falsehood at a time. Along with the indignity has been the constant drip-drip-drip hammering families in a hundred different ways.

Who or what else is behind America’s destruction?

Social media, mass media, cell phones, government, all have their place on the altar of societal destruction. The way back will be difficult and long. Not all will make it. It’s as if a new diaspora is upon us and not all will return together.  Do not think I am banging the drum too long or too loud. It’s been quiet for far too long and we will all need a lot of reminding before it is over.

Gather your family and friends, associate with those that are like-minded and committed to a new beginning.

Always remember, that, unlike this blog entry which is ending for today, our needs, desires, and responsibilities are with us constantly. Like you, I seek to be with those that are positive and good and gravitate to the light. 

I hope you believe as I do, that the time to take back our life, traditions and country is upon us. Who among us will take that first leap?

To our continued freedom,

Allan Feifer

(Inspirational Speakers)

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