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Last week at the debate, America saw the real Joe Biden, not the made-up facsimile his puppet masters want you to believe is the real Biden, first cousin to the Energizer Bunny.

If this article doesn’t scare you, I doubt anything will. Imagine that Biden is still our President, and it’s 3:00 in the morning. Biden is in a deep, drug-assisted slumber to ensure he has the best chance of appearing cognitively normal for the five or six hours a day he’s required to be sentient.

Putin and Xi believe there is no better time to try to decapitate the American government than now. One or the other contacts submarines patrolling less than 500 miles off our East Coast and gives the order to launch low-trajectory nuclear-tipped missiles at key Command Control nodes along our East Coast. Normally, the President would have twelve minutes to react. But a sneak attack on Washington would leave him only seven minutes or less.


Why might they choose this moment?  Two reasons:


First, American satellites would detect the launch of an SLBM instantly from its heat signature. This information would be detected at both NORAD and STRATCOM, which would quickly verify the authenticity of the strike and then calculate impact points, timing, and other information.

This begins a chain of events leading to the President being awoken and briefed. Presumably, he would instantly retaliate.  However, the attackers would have made their calculations based on the belief that Biden would not be mentally able to assess the situation and react within the required time. Therefore, there may be no immediate response to the attack. Essentially, we would ride out an attack with Washington and other critical installations vaporized.

Second, few Americans know that there is currently a fierce debate about two subjects involving whether we should respond to nuclear attacks. The first subject is whether the decision to use nukes should belong solely to the President or be like the rest of the U.S. Nuclear Command and Control system requiring the two-man rule. The second revolves around a progressive-inspired and led policy of not retaliating with nuclear weapons, as described in the book “How the End Begins” by Ron Rosenbaum.

This policy is being discussed in high circles despite the provocative nature of preemptively talking about capitulating to enemies. The question for some progressives is why we Americans should save ourselves at the cost of destroying the rest of the world.

Welcome to the world of realpolitik. Three kinds of people in government are responsible for the most critical decisions that determine our country’s direction and how we will respond in emergencies: The ideologue, the functionary, and the utterly self-interested. Biden rests squarely in the last category, although self-interest can always overlap with the first two.

Idealogues have a specific worldview that overrides all other considerations and are blind to contrary information. This explains to the many people who ask me why the elites in positions of power do things against their future interests as well as ours. Functionaries, at their best, are efficient, honest, and hard-working. At their worst, they are officious, duplicitous, and uninterested in what is best for the people they ostensibly serve.


American Leadership vs Anti-American Presidents Emerge:-


I used to trust the American people, who would select a leader every four years to manage the Washington, D.C., zoo. However, the election of effectively anti-American Presidents in recent years has largely restrained my enthusiasm. We’ve had depressingly dullard Presidents and politically questionable ones before, but they all were nominally patriotic Americans. That is, until Obama and now Biden.

What I now worry about, and what keeps me up at night, is that President Biden is more interested in raw power and the trappings of the office than in the American people. Politically, this makes him blind to the minefield he walks through (especially if he is unescorted) and subject to a variety of nefarious and potentially well-thought-out plots leading to the subversion of the American people. This does not even consider the very real likelihood that we don’t know who is actually making the calls for sleepy Joe.

A new dynamic is that we increasingly don’t trust our leaders to tell us the truth or do what is in America’s best interests. What happens if Biden is faced with the ultimate responsibility every American President has feared since Russia got the bomb and a means to deliver it in 1949?

This is the scariest scenario anyone could ever imagine. Biden has a praetorian guard of hard-left progressive advisors, although no one really knows who they are. We do know that Obama’s telltale hands are all over the Biden administration, the leftist administration of all times. Who’s to say that Biden’s administration is not fully penetrated by ideologues who seek for the U.S. to be fully absorbed into some Woke New World fantasy?

If you believe my concerns are overblown, consider this: Russia is fielding a new first-strike weapon system, Poseidon, as I write this. Experts warn that this nuclear-powered and armed torpedo (the size of a school bus) would have the potential to devastate a coastal city, cause radioactive floods, and result in millions of deaths. The Russians have fielded this weapon already. And there is growing evidence that Russia has launched or is about to launch a new satellite armed with a nuclear weapon to destroy our satellites in orbit, another first-strike weapon designed to blind us.

I hope that when each of us goes and votes this November, the thought of someone trying to wake up Biden in the middle of the night viscerally ingrained in them. Thinking of an angry old man who needs drugs to prop him up, being the only person in the world who can save us, scares me to death. What about you? To make it worse, how many of you expect him to survive the next four years? Think of Chatterbox shrieking Harris as the one making that fateful call.  God help us all.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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