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With the war back on, it is imperative to understand Hamas’s endgame is not to beat the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on the battlefield in Gaza; instead, they seek for the world to see and believe that Israel is annihilating innocent Gazans. Why? To create scenes of horror and to build a case for the further hatred of Western Civilization. Hamas substitutes innocents for themselves to keep the game going. Why? It is waiting for America and the West’s resolve to break.

Hamas and Iran: Unveiling the Puppet Strings


For our purposes, Hamas and Iran are synonymous. Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, etc., are also proxies for Iran that can order their dogs to stand still or attack on command. What you see daily on the news amounts to a parlor trick.

“Forget about October 7th and the dead, wounded, and over 240 hostages”,

they say. Instead, look at moral and mighty Israel slaughtering children and civilians. Are they any different than Hamas, they ask? This is the Alice in Wonderland world we live in. Please don’t fall for it.

Iran’s endgame is to force the United States out of the Middle East, if not by force, then by the weight of public opinion. Dead children, attacks on ambulances, claimed hospital attacks and overwhelming control of social media allow Iran and its sympathizers to control a false narrative that is blind to Hamas’s inhuman tactics like branding and drugging their child hostages.

In fighting the Great Satan, Iran demonstrates to the world it is one of America’s fiercest enemies, believing that it can beat the U.S. through control of a narrative. If successful, America would become even more isolated and impoverished. The big players (e.g., Iran, China, Russia) hope to see much of the rest of the world align with them as we wither on the vine with reduced markets for our products, shortages of energy, and, ultimately, a declining military capability unsuited to Great Power confrontations. This is how Iran plans to win its war with the West through suicide by IDF. Israel is a stand-in for America. Note the lopsided vote against Israel in the UN for even more validation.

Unveiling the Three Pillars of U.S. Support for Israel:


Understanding how we got to where we are is essential, as is the context of suicide by IDF & what makes all these pieces mean:

1- Religious Domination:


Perhaps the most critical dynamic in the Middle East is not oil but religion. Since 1948, competing Muslim sects have killed over ten million fellow Muslims in this struggle for religious domination. This internecine fighting is the main form of death in the Middle East. Why is there no news of this? The narrative put forward is, as “President Recep Erdogan of Turkey told Israeli President Shimon Peres to his face, “You (Jews) know well how to kill.” Erdogan has also declared frequently that the main obstacle to peace in this part of the World is Israel. He once called the Jewish state “a festering boil in the Middle East that spreads hate and enmity.” I posit that Muslim-against-Muslim violence might be a more significant problem. Interestingly, Saudia Arabia has not dissociated itself from the normalization of relations with Israel so far. Some Arab nations recognize the messianic nature of Iran’s worldview and the threat it poses to them when Iran ultimately possesses nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. The Abraham Accords codified decades-long ties between a growing number of Arab nations and Israel.


2- Antisemitism Unleashed:-


Like a fire, if antisemitism isn’t instantly extinguished, it can be fanned into a force of incredible destruction. For Iran, which sees Israel as the Little Satan to America’s Great Satan, antisemitism is a weapon to be used against both. The problem is that internal political fractures in Israel make it difficult to create a united front against this plague. When I worked in Israel while Ariel Sharon was Housing Minister, I heard him tell stories about how difficult it was to present a united front to Israel’s enemies. Demands for new settlements on the West Bank (called facts on the ground by some) fanned the flames of Israel’s enemies and created complex diplomatic issues unresolved to this day. At other times, Fatah, in their blind hatred for the Jews, missed a historic opening for peace after the Oslo Accords.  Even back in 1990 and 1991, while I was there, many Jews in Israel had relatives who had been killed in terrorist attacks from 1948 forward. Hatreds ran deep, and solutions were often complex for both sides.

3- The War Within:


Today, we see war being fought through other means on our American streets. Two generations of young people only know one side of the story as taught by our schools of “Higher Education.” “Genocide Joe” is the cry in front of the White House recently. Shouldn’t you wonder who these thousands are that come together in actual support of terrorists who kill in unspeakable ways? Europe had its turn in the barrel last year as hundreds of thousands of aggressive refugees are quickly turning Europe’s generosity into fear and hatred. Our homegrown terrorists in training are composed of immigrants, students, and legions of low-information individuals who make up so much of our people today yet are influential to an administration laser-focused on polls and social media.

We have engaged in a series of ever-changing strategies, flawed policies and actions for almost two generations. At the same time, our enemies have become wiser and more adept at learning to fight and win against us, or at least fight and wound a pleasure-loving and fractious West. We look at our failures as a referendum on the history of America, which is incorrect. America was conceived in near perfection and revealed to the world that a great power that was not a colonial nation could be.

IDF – A Call for Strategic Focus


Perhaps the most significant missing piece of the puzzle of suicide by IDF lies within ourselves. We cannot focus on the essential first-order issues that threaten to shackle our country in favor of populist issues forever. Our inability to recognize evil when we see it and a widely held belief that evil isn’t real and doesn’t need to be defeated divides us. Just as important is our sense of history (are we making the same mistakes that led to the rise of the Third Reich?) Can we find the requisite will required to turn the wheel of history towards the good, the logical, and the sane? No one can predict what will become of us if we don’t. Without a moral compass, we are fodder for anyone or anything that screams the loudest or most passionately.

Will we allow public opinion and social media to dictate our policies? Is mob rule the major factor to be considered when addressing truth and our national interest? These are the actual existential questions that require our immediate attention.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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