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Hello Fellow Patriots:

Tune in to your favorite news channel and the first thing you will notice is the slant. I marvel at how most networks, newspapers, and social media outlets report with either conservative or liberal bias. Few, if any, are truly even-handed. They don’t even report on the same stories. Why is that so? I guess it winds up being human nature to take sides. Heck, even our judges can’t seem to view what should be strictly legal questions without injecting their personal belief systems into their deliberations. It should not be that way. What is the determiner that makes people fall into one camp or another? I think it is useful to understand how people may change their stance over time to explain this. It is widely accepted that as people age, they tend to become more conservative and less liberal. Why? We’ll discuss this important topic and attempt to expose major holes in Democratic dogma, communication, and constituencies in the process. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2010/jul/14/political-views-change-over-time

Justice. Democrats’s highest symbolism is their high jacking of the Justice moniker as if they are the only ones interested in fairness. Sucking up all the oxygen today are their contrived calls for justice. Rarely does anyone explain in detail what the end result of these demands might be; here are just a few of the many kinds of justice being demanded loudly and uncompromisingly.

Racial Justice—From USC Berkley, “To move forward, we as Americans have to dismantle these violent systems — systems that enforce inequality with a brutal efficiency — and build more just, equitable systems.”

Gender Justice—From the Global Fund for Woman, “Our feminism is rooted in intersectionality. We recognize that women are not a monolith and experience multiple, overlapping sources of oppression. The struggle for women’s rights is deeply impacted by and connected to the struggles for racial justice, queer justice, immigration justice, climate justice, and so many more.”

Economic or Distributive Justice—from Harvard University School of Law, “Economic justice is a concept in which the economic policies must result in the equal distribution of benefits to all.”

Procedural Justice—Department of Education Lesson outline, “Procedural justice affects how decisions are made and policies are established. It is based on the premise that the fairest and most respectful decision will be made. Procedural justice is also concerned with creating policies and procedures that take all perspectives and concerns into consideration equally to arrive at Equity.”

Restorative Justice—from the Department of Labor, “At the heart of restorative justice is the idea that everyone is inherently worthy and that our connection to one another is what matters most. Punishment is not an answer.”

Equity Justice—from Stanford University, “In operational terms, and for measurement, equity can be defined as the absence of disparities in everyday life (and in its key social determinants) that are systematically associated with social advantage/disadvantage.” https://www.beyondintractability.org/essay/types_of_justice/

Climate Justice—From World Economic Forum, “Often the people on the front lines of climate change have contributed least to the causes of the climate crisis. This is an injustice that can only be rectified by swift and ambitious climate action, including reducing emissions to zero as rapidly as possible. We must ensure that the transition to a zero-carbon economy is just and that it enables all people to realize their right to development. This requires that the global community acts in solidarity and ensures that the necessary resources are available to allow all countries and people to make the transition to clean, renewable energy on the same timescale.” https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2015/08/what-is-climate-justice/

Resident in these seven (there are many more) contrived calls for justice you will find a central thread that explains everything. That single thread is the abolition of the individual and the empowerment of the masses, espoused as some kind of global authority with the power to set wrongs right. They won’t say that; but that is the only way you can attempt to make everyone equal in all ways, financial, social, politically, and in safety. You cut off the top and bottom, throw what remains into a blender, and pour yourself a human smoothie. That’s a patently false concept.

In using their vernacular, Justice hates capitalism, because capitalism only exists as a consequence of one man’s (or woman’s) desire to better themselves through personal effort and risk. This is the essence of modern humanism. Both of these prerequisites are anathema to the kinds of justice that Democrats describe, even as they can’t figure out exactly how to get there. One of my favorite rules is that we only “possess a right to fail, not to succeed.” Why? Because without effort and risk, failure is assured; where with effort and risk, success is possible but not assured.

Democrats also miss another foundational issue. Governments are horrible at regulating finite resources. You get them picking winners and losers as they did with Solyndra under Obama, losing half a billion dollars in a clean energy scheme that made zero sense except to a government bureaucrat. One of Obama’s favorite quotes was “You didn’t build that” in describing how entrepreneurs don’t really build or create anything. That is, except without government as a de facto partner, which explains how little he knows about business. This is generally true about Democrats as a whole, at least in politics and economics. Another little-known nugget. Most small businesses are conservative, while big businesses tend to be liberal. Could it be that small business owners are at financial risk, while big business employees are not? “A recent survey by the National Small Business Association found that 39 percent of small-business owners are affiliated with the Republican Party and 22 percent with the Democratic Party, while 29 percent consider themselves independents. (Smaller slices—5 percent, said they are associated with the Republican-linked Tea Party and 3 percent with the Libertarian Party.)” https://www.americanexpress.com/en-us/business/trends-and-insights/articles/which-political-party-do-small-business-owners-identify-with-the-most/ That leaves only 22 percent of business owners or less potentially liberal. While in big business, large companies thrive largely in liberal areas, invariably high-cost cities with significant social problems as compared to more conservative states.

I think this correlation is important to our understanding of the support systems that have allowed big companies to apply their liberalism with many of the employees they hire with no financial risk. This is changing as more and more companies leave traditionally Blue states for Red states to receive the benefits of pro-business policies.

Take Corporate taxation as a prime example of absurd symbolism. Democrat talking heads love to talk about the “free ride” corporations get with paying lower rates of taxation than individuals. I shake my head as they don’t understand that corporations pay taxes that are 100% passed on to their customers; that’s you! If they don’t, they then take it away from their shareholders, or they take it away from R & D or CAPEX. That ultimately destroys their competitiveness. Corporate taxes are just another tax on consumers. It’s that simple. How many Democratic politicians are screaming for greater taxes on corporations? Some corporations will depart the country for friendlier policies. Dems answer? Forbid them to do so or financially hurt them so much, they’ll not be able to. On and on, the anti-business rhetoric is non-stop and has created the most complicated tax system the world has ever known as politicians punish enemies and reward friends through their use of the tax code. Keep in mind that taxes are not always passed by both parties; a great example is Obamacare, which was passed without a single Republican vote! There are many other examples.

Where should we go look next? How about the Defense Department Symbolism? Might we need to fight some future war where our very existence is on the line? Dems are tinkering with recruitment, training, duties, and even warfighting doctrine to achieve social goals. Have you heard that climate Czar Kerry is pushing the DOD to create battery-powered and hybrid tanks? Are they all crazy? https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/2/4/military-wants-its–vehicles-to-go-electricwith-detroits-help Do you think they understand how wars are fought? Are social warriors violating basic precepts such as “you fight for the buddy next to you in the foxhole”? Reducing or destroying unit cohesion by requiring race training and the admission of Trans individuals that has, as its crowning objective, to blame white people for the historical oppression of others. What are the long-term consequences of fostering a kind of social promotion scheme like exists in schools today? Individuals, some without effort or success, actively tearing down and eliminating the essence of what makes warriors? These people and their staffs live in the shadow of those who have given their blood to protect our country, too often sacrificing their very lives so that these destroyers can continue to look down on those that stand post protecting us. What hubris, what contempt they must possess.

I promised our readers that I would delve into how Democrats pander to their base. They do so in two distinct and very different manners:

1. They set one group upon another. Democrats feed on artificial passion. They pander to what young people want; they play up the fears of our seniors. And, they isolate us from each other through their false prophet of Identity Politics.
2. They tell obvious lies that have, as their singular virtue, the ability to either boost their standing with voters or to destroy the lives of people, companies, and the entire country through the application of political expediency.

Let’s talk about how Democrats stir the pot with passionate rhetoric that demonizes us by splitting us up like so much lunch meat. Democrats (and I’m sure Republicans at times) hire people to figure out how to fracture us along our political lines. Once split, a tailored, focus group tested message like “Putin’s Inflation” can be shouted over and over by hundreds of coordinated talking heads who parrot today’s message. Tomorrow, a new message for a different group “we only have eleven years left to fix the earth!” all accompanied by video of desperate-looking polar bears foraging for the last time. Always some truth, but overall, a very large helping of tripe. Remember, that political ad showing Republicans rolling grandmother’s wheelchair over a cliff? Highly effective to the suggestable individual who just is afraid of life in general and what will happen to him/her if that means the other side gets in.

Constituency Politics. Is as old as mother’s milk. It exists whether you grew up in Chicago, where the political machine ran everything, or live in San Francisco which would appear to an outside viewer as actually promoting drug use, homelessness, criminality, or just vagrancy over hard work and personal success; constituency politics is the guiding principle. Portland, New York, Atlanta; I could pick a dozen other Democratic cities that are similarly run. The one commonality between them all is high cost of living, massive crime, corruption, and death. Be it putting infected people in nursing homes to infect your grandma or unaccountable spending on everything that is designed to make people feel good, it is bad government on display for all to see. The mirror never lies and it need not be that way. It is a choice.

What’s different now is that Constituency Politics is being replaced by the Democratic Party with Marxist Doctrine. Democratic leaders believe there is a window of opportunity open at present that they must exploit or lose. They know time is short for them, money is running out and they will likely be out of power all too soon. With our credit lines depleted, and inflation exploding, they understand they can only succeed by granting “free things” to people and catering to their lowest desires. That’s the definition of pandering. The suspension of disbelief that Democratic policies have delivered for the last 40 years is now demanding a reckoning. Democrats have no way to overcome what is coming. Their only hope is to make everyone equally poor and dependent on the government. That is what Marxism delivers. By appealing to our lowest desires, by focusing on the rich as somehow boogeymen that can explain away all the Dems bad outcomes, past and present, they continue to seek to deflect a much- needed reckoning. This time is going to be different. Why? Because a majority of people see us devolving as a society in an Atlas Shrugged kind of way, we know is unsustainable and undesirable.

Become more circumspect and conservative. Play our own game and realize the hired help (politicians) requires quite a lot more scrutiny and oversight than we exercised in the past. People are no longer quite as gullible or as liberal as Dems might like. Symbols of division are just that; they are not a way forward; they don’t represent the truth. Biden represents a failure to adjust to current conditions. He’s largely staying the course on almost every failed action he’s instituted. Dems are dropping out of Congress in big numbers. They are also distancing themselves from a sitting President to save themselves. There remains a core group of Dems who believe if we only double down some more on these policies we can pull the wool over their eyes one more time.

Don’t give them that chance. It’s high time the adults ran the asylum and right the ship before it’s too late.

God Bless America and especially at this time of extreme suffering; pray for victory in Ukraine.

Allan J. Feifer

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