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The Nazi rise to power was an aberration in world history. Or was it? Based on recent events, is it impossible to believe we could be re-living 1938 Germany’s past? Could we see another Kristallnacht occur in America at any moment? Our country is visibly in free fall, with no leader willing to unequivocally call out the evil that is Hamas and its puppet master, Iran. The lunatics are running our asylum, and they hold immense sway.

Who’s Really Steering the Ship of State?


No, I’m not talking about the titular head of our country, President Biden, either. He is a figurehead, no longer capable of deep thought if he ever was before—others detail problems for him. If Biden ever had any ‘seichel’ (wit or intelligence), it’s been too long since he’s shown any. For a minute, forget about recent polling creating shockwaves running through Democratic circles. You are left to believe the country is firmly in a box of its own making.

But let’s leave Biden recharging in his Rehoboth Beach home and talk political realism. Outsiders are hard-pressed to name anyone who influences Biden’s actions. Listen to a daily briefing with White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre, all of which share three recurring themes in common:

  1. Constant reformation of the President’s comments. “What the President meant was…”
  2. “I would refer you to “X” for additional comments.”
  3. An ever-growing hostility to reporters who “push” beyond Jean-Pierre’s scripted verbiage as delivered straight from her notebook.

This President’s administration, supposedly the most transparent of all time, is perhaps the least forthcoming in a generation. None other than CNN states: “Failed to act on a number of transparency issues.  Worse, the administration embraces its predecessors’ opaque and undemocratic policies.” If the Biden administration is the keeper of light and truth, why does it exhibit such a cloistered, closed administration? Perhaps Biden is trying to hold his party together in the face of complex and contrary cross currents endlessly battering him.

Biden – Setting the Record Straight:-


Because the Biden administration is untruthful on so many issues, one is left to puzzle over what at first appears to be either schizophrenic or just patently wrong decision-making followed by equally inappropriate actions. The following issues are the foundational issues backed and supported by Biden, despite what recent narratives or statements to the contrary made that infer something different.

  1. First, he was 100% in support of Israel. Now, he wants to give Israel the benefit of his experience in how to fight terrorists.
  2. Trillions are being spent electrifying everything in sight and demagoguing anyone who stands up and says, “Joe! We don’t want electric cars, stoves, or aircraft or having to eat less meat to appease your supporters whose endgame is to control our lives.”
  3. Watching millions of illegal aliens admitted to the heartland, unvetted, unable to take care of themselves, and some here to do us physical harm or undermine our republic.
  4. Inflation is allowed (perhaps created) to ravage middle-class people, making our savings worth far less.
  5. Wokeism and Racism have our country divided over endless pseudo issues that hide the critical issues.  Instead, we see either inaction or the worst possible outcomes.

It’s the lies that should worry us the most. Bidenomics (now no longer talked about) was eye candy designed to take in the gullible, the uninformed, and those who believe in a better tomorrow based on loving Big Brother. The statistics, like labor growth, are fundamentally deceiving. What’s been consistently growing is the number of people working for the government. The latest figures tell the truth: the government is the leading growth sector in report after report, or second leading.

You have been lied to, not once, but repeatedly, with millions lapping it up.
But exactly who is lying to us? Some obvious and perennial actors include politicians, special interest groups, big business, foreign interests, and the vast and unaccountable thousands in our mammoth bureaucracies. It’s likely not a conspiracy, but there must be more than the usual suspects. Since Obama, we have been entirely off the rails. We’ve been Slouching Towards Gomorrah for a very long time. Sure, there’s Iran, Russia, China, and others that seek to destabilize and/or take advantage of us in our distress. But even that isn’t the reason we seek.

America’s Struggle with Self-Imposed Limitations:-


The honest answer is the worst because it is us, just as Pogo warned when he said, “We have met the enemy, and it is us!” We’ve become believers in the “Prison of Two Ideas.” As Greg Gutfeld of Fox’s “The Fives” describes it, “They set up an issue as having only two positions — you’re either for or against “X” — and then place you on the side that sounds most evil.” oo many of us retreat into default positions instead of insisting on logic and truth. This leads us to the most malign contrivance of all: forgetting that truth matters. Without truth, we can be controlled in every way. Are we just building another box of our own making? Whoever is pulling the strings, perhaps Obama, Soros, or other partisans, they are wearing down our country and the requisite psychic energy necessary to fight back.

As much as I want to see Biden as the face of the Destroyers, I can’t. He’s a symptom, not a cause, which makes me wonder about the next person in line, if not Biden. Will they be just as bad? Will we just be building another box? Who can we trust with the running of our country, and who will be faithful to our Constitution and the Founder’s intent? In America’s Democratic party today, who is happy? Certainly not the rank-and-file.  Many Democrats have read the tea leaves and want someone else to run.

So what about the next person in line? Will they be just as bad? Who can we trust with the running of our country, and who will be faithful to our Constitution and the Founder’s intent?

Right now, as imperfect as former President Trump may be, he’s the only one that we have a prayer of electing and who will stand up to the forces that try to destroy us. Even if a convicted felon as he will likely be if his haters get their way, I’d vote for Trump again. If he is to be kept in jail and prohibited from governing, there will be a new January 6th, and I’ll be one of the millions demanding his return. We are living in a revolutionary moment.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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