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Hello Fellow Patriots:

Today’s message is a bit highbrow but stick with me as I lay out how a typical individual forms their decision-making process and why it’s important to understand.

Think of life as a pyramid for a moment.

Every political, social, and economic structure is an interconnected web of pyramids with leadership at the apex and members of each pyramid in successively lower floors of the pyramid based on their loyalty to leadership, importance, and other factors. People can belong to more than one pyramid, but in a game of three-dimensional chess, similar aims, desires, and proclivities place pyramids on different levels.

I used the term “game” for a reason. Game Theory is about strategy.  Wikipedia defines Game Theory as:

“The study of mathematical models of strategic interaction among rational decision-makers.”

 What do Pyramids and Game Theory have to do with all of us?

Everything. Understand how these two things relate to each other and you begin to understand how life works. Let’s break this down. In the first 150 years after our country’s formation, there was more or less one primary pyramid we all belonged to. Immigrants at the bottom, farmers, merchants, blue-collar workers, cowboys, teachers, and more all working for a living in the center.

At the top were the Financiers, leading scientists and engineers, landowners and government leaders, all who dominated our society. From several angles, we were largely monolithic. Life was laid out for you. White or black, rich or poor, you were born to a nuclear family, educated, given religion, went to work, had a family, and eventually died. Your contribution to society was raising successful families who would work and grow the population and economy in a positive and logical manner. Almost everyone contributed to the country’s wealth and prosperity.

Along came prosperity and with it, leisure time. Time to play a new game! Allan’s rule number six states that an empty stomach is a great motivator. I subscribe to the tenet that believes you must be hungry to be motivated. Prosperity has in some ways, become our enemy. It has allowed people to get along with little effort. We see that in so many ways today. What some may see as enlightenment, I see as illogical prioritization. Leisure time has evolved into the democratization of frequently unearned positive self-worth.

Game Theory in action:

A rational decision and logical action by those that can exist without substantial effort. It is a rational choice not to work and strive if you don’t have to. So, how do you build self-worth when you don’t contribute to society? Here’s how:

In 1969, Dr. Thomas Harris wrote “I’m Ok-You’re OK.” A book that attempts to simplify how we move from being children to adults and that focuses on how strong emotion screws up our minds. Unfortunately, millions of people read the book and took the title literally. They came to believe their self-worth was what they thought of themselves instead of concrete accomplishment. Today our leaders state we are not responsible for our outcomes due to external factors. As I state in my book, life is agnostic, not fair. Unfortunately, the confluence of excessive leisure time and a belief that life is to a large degree futile; means that millions and millions of people today are incomplete and searching for meaning in their lives. And, there are plenty of people and groups willing to sell them on their philosophies and beliefs.

Back to the pyramids!

In searching for meaning, different socio-economic groups start to prioritize self-worth over accomplishment. Without the necessity to struggle to make ends meet, and sometimes in spite of, people misplace their priorities on false ideas and concepts that become their dogma. These interests become their many pyramids. They frequently lose sight of what is real vs. what is not. As an example: we see this today as a strange desire to resegregate society along racial lines by those “finished” with attempting to integrate. Why? Because they can improve their self-worth by not competing. This is not an answer.

Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” is a motivational theory in psychology comprising a five-tier model of human needs, often depicted as hierarchical levels within a pyramid.

From the bottom of the hierarchy upwards, the needs are: physiological (food and clothing), safety (job security), love and belonging needs (friendship), esteem, and self-actualization.

What is missing above is one additional but essential need: Life-affirming values. Is how we live our lives correct in an ethereal sense?

Everything we do in life should ultimately be life-affirming.

Does the way I live my life benefit society or not? Am I stroking my ego, or am I doing the things in life that benefit society at a basic level? Many of us could use a better focus on what’s important in life. The pyramid(s) we choose to belong to is of fundamental importance to ourselves and society. Too many of us live our lives in the grey; we are not unaware of the right choices, just lacking the mental fortitude to live in the light. We likely won’t starve if we make wrong choices. But, that’s our point. The calculus is simple for them. It has become less important to struggle due to the lack of immediate downstream consequences.

In America today, that hard choice is to use logic and not emotion. I promise you that our enemies, those that seek to radically transform us, are making logical choices appropriate to their vision. A vision that has you at its center as a useful idiot for its cause. Don’t be someone’s useful idiot. The other side, the dark side, needs your situational ethics to win their own battles. Do it for reasons of self-interest. They win, you lose if we don’t have an effective understanding of what’s underway.

Think for yourself.

Keep your priorities in order. Raise a family, play fairly, work hard and help thy neighbor. God gives us the tools we need to make good decisions. Live your life in the light and belong to the right pyramid. Our nation needs you to defend it. Most of us have the ability, the obligation, and hopefully the will to be “Guardians of the Republic.” I hope you agree with me.

I need your help.

If you like what I write, please share it with someone else, pass it on. We need to involve as many people as possible to fight the war we find ourselves in. Many people aren’t comfortable with terms like war. War to many is conflict and they avoid conflict at all costs. Unfortunately, conflict will find us all, there is no way around it. Please consider your immediate contribution today as to simply spread the word.


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