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There are errors of omission and errors of commission. When an error rises to the level of intentional misleading, we call it a lie. The unassailableness of a concept (like progressive overuse of the term ‘settled science’) of widely held White Privilege was and is a deliberate falsehood designed to subvert truth and silence tens of millions of whites in America, forcing them to become docile sheep. Have you noticed that there is no equivalent movement in Europe? Do you say there was no slavery in Europe and, therefore, no similar foundation?


Unraveling History – Tracing its Roots:-


If Europe had not existed, then slavery in the Colonies would never have existed either. Slavery in the Colonies was an English Common Law concept. The myth of White Privilege is an artificial construct that we’ll discuss today and hopefully frees you from those bonds many of us find oppressively weighing us down. You can only exercise free will by seeing the world for what it is vs. what others want to force you to believe.

No single concept has done more to harm our societal fabric than the claim that White Privilege has intentionally stolen another group’s freedom, economic prosperity, and free agency. Claims of White Privilege have justified theft, violence, the reordering of society, the silencing of dissent, murder, and ultimately, the rights of the largest segment of the American population—Whites. Millions of white people hang their heads in shame and wonder how they can ever live an upright life with their foreheads tattooed for all to see with the words “White Privilege” burnt into them. Claiming that one acknowledges this transgression and has now achieved the enlightened plain of Woke only means one is an acknowledged vs. unacknowledged flawed human being. With the import of such a damming charge laid before us, shouldn’t we at least consider if it’s true or not?

It cannot be argued that the slave trade brought over 10 million Africans to America, directly or indirectly, or that the conditions were arduous and vile. Slavery is and was a reprehensible practice engaged in by six European nations from Portugal to Denmark. Not generally acknowledged was the large number of African tribes and independent nations who were essential players in the slave trade. Inexplicably, slavery still exists to this day in Africa and the Middle East! So, let’s get past the central accusation levied against the ostensible white devils who took everything from those enslaved. Whites share a broadly held responsibility but by no means should be tarred with this crime to the exclusion of many others, especially Africans themselves. Finally, one in ten black people here are recent immigrants and account for 19% of the overall black population. Being black in America today does not connote a direct correlation to former slave status, with blacks in general coming here from many origins, predominantly Caribbean nations.

One of the the least talked about subjects in America is black success, which is broad and deep despite claims to the contrary. Left-leaning Brookings tells us:

“White Americans are slightly over-represented in the middle class at 59 percent compared to being 57 percent of the population. Black Americans comprise 12 percent of the middle class and 13 percent of the population.

It’s not a great place to start if you believe in systemic racism. Yes, there were terrible injustices done to blacks in our country, and not just in the South as commonly thought. Here’s something else you won’t hear from most liberal or progressive sources: Despite trillions spent by the government since the commencement of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society program, black poverty increased as the nuclear black family imploded with the vast majority of black children now born out of wedlock!  Government as Daddy is a monumental failure.


Identity Shift – How Society Reacts:-


As a consequence of this systemic failure, government, academia, and particularly political groups coalesced around a theme that featured whites as villains and, paradoxically, more than a few blacks now believing they are superior beings. So successful are many blacks that some white commentators describe how blackness has become a “tremendous asset,” with some whites now trying to “pass” as black to soak up some of those benefits.

Two constituencies benefit significantly from promoting the myth of white supremacy:

  1. The Government — all levels of government pander to the hundreds of programs, grants, set-asides, rules, laws, commissions, local power brokers, churches, media, and more that made race a profitable business in America. There are more Hispanics and fewer Asians, yet it is easy to see how dominant the black narrative has become, virtually taking over government, elected positions in our cities, and even creating a system of Historically Black Colleges that, if you substituted any other race, would never be allowed. We are in the tank, with virtually unlimited flogging for anyone who points out the inequality of favoring blacks over whites in a disciplined system of laws and preferences.
  2. Pressure Groups — every citizen should be forced to see how government works by being tied to a seat in the audience of any county chamber, Senate or House committee, or subcommittee. Observing how sausage is made would be a huge step up. By doing so, you will discover a parade of “regulars” who develop a special relationship with our overseers and receive time, money, and favorable decisions that give these NGOs (non-governmental agencies) disproportionate power and influence. Anything involving civil rights, social services, compensation, or an aggrieved minority receives outsized attention and frequently funds that see governmental budgets bloated by what amounts to reparations by fiat. The word pander is the essence of most progressive demands by these pressure groups.

The world is the way it is (was) because it worked for many involved. With the power of hindsight today, the 1600s, 1700s, and 1800s were a different world than today. We must acknowledge that slavery persists with millions still enslaved, but not here for the last 150 years. We moved on, even as certain elements continued to pander to those with a sense of entitlement and victimhood. We can see that trying to right a wrong to those long dead has had the opposite effect. Too many willingly become slaves to a new master with a different tattoo on their forehead: victimhood. Which form of enslavement has been worse? A regrettable period of world history or a perpetual system that forever limits one’s outcomes?

You decide.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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