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Hello Fellow Patriots:

Today’s message is being written as the full consequences of amateur thinking in Afghanistan play out. The breadth and depth of our failure of execution will be studied for many decades to come. Experts knew what was likely to happen as we hurriedly hit the exits within too short a period, but politics made the decision. President Biden will forever be known for this miscalculation which is only just starting to count the dead from his hubris.  The future numbers will be staggering and it is not beyond the possibility that we will have to return and partition the country along tribal lives to stop the slaughter.

But, today’s message is about something even more important; if that’s possible. It goes to the thinking process that inevitably leads us to these mistakes. Take the following issues and let’s dissect the Administration’s thought process vs. what really will happen. It is your Rosetta Stone to understand intent vs. reality.

  1. The Southern Border
  2. Fighting Covid
  3. Climate Change
  4. Race
  5. Globalization

Allan’s Rule Number One:

Whatever you incentivize you get more of.

Biden claims the Southern Border is closed. Yet, this year, more than 1,250,000 people have entered this country. The Biden Administration claims the lack of a cohesive immigration policy is to blame. However, Trump had it under control. Biden’s real agenda is future citizen voters to insure continued future Democratic control of our country. You already knew that. But, officially, the blame is placed on the corruption of other countries.

What’s new? What’s new is that Democrats have so far prevailed in keeping the door open and swamping our country with a large number of illegals that are here for our money, quite content to retain their home country traditions and identity. The incentive takeaway is that all people, our own included, like free stuff. They are addicted to it. We have incentivized people to come. The government cares not for these people, worthy or not.  They are pawns, whose purpose is to keep Democrats in power, regardless of the social or monetary cost. Keep the doors open another three-plus years and at least five million people will come. Maybe many more.

Nothing that Biden has done so far equals the lie of fighting Covid. He should not utter a single word against anyone who is circumspect of the vaccine or double masking until he recognizes the fact that illegal immigrants are now the single largest infection vector in the country. You don’t have to look far for validation of this by reading official sources for the number of immigrants crossing the border, estimated Covid infection rate of 10%+ and with the knowledge that they are being shipped all over the country without restriction.

Anyone who doubts that these people spread Covid, also thinks it’s just a coincidence that the Wuhan lab and the city that recorded the first Covid cases are the same. The reason the government does nothing to stop the spread of Covid is that it would mean they have to close the border and politically, they won’t do it. The incentive is more Democratic voters, same as the paragraph before. But, make no mistake about it, these are two different issues. Until they stop the spread of the virus through illegals released into this country on busses filled with innocent Americans; they have no right to tell anyone what to do. They have lost their moral authority.

Ask yourself this simple question.

The US is unilaterally reducing its production of fossil fuels while increasing imports. We have stopped building coal plants with “Green” technology due to political pressures. We have signed on to the Paris Climate Accords that is a political instrument rather than a technical document that disadvantages countries unequally. Did you know that China commissions about two new coal-fired power plants a month? Or, that for at least the last ten years our air quality has improved due to previous laws and rules, while China now has the worst air quality by far? And, getting worse?

That the Paris Climate Accords largely exempts China and India as developing nations? Why do we do this? Publicly, we state that essentially climate change is the end of the world; it is apocalyptic. If that’s true, we are dead meat due to the rest of the world increasing their production of greenhouse gasses faster than we can reduce ours? Have you heard anyone talk about that? Why not? Because your leaders don’t believe that Climate Change is apocalyptic, that’s why. The benefit to government of this policy is huge. More control, more spending, and…once again, great for the Democratic party. See a trend developing here?

Do you find it strange that all of a sudden race relations now receive more print, energy, and views than any other topic in the news? Did we all of a sudden become racist? Did police officers suddenly get the green light to start shooting blacks wholesale? Did we just wake up one day and discover our past transgressions? Take it from me, there has been no discernable increase in the number of unarmed blacks being shot by LEO’s. What has changed is the political narrative that demonizes our entire system.

There’s no getting around the fact that white people completely built our system. You know the racist meme that states without authority that white people collectively, by and through their actions,  keep black people down while saying nothing about blacks writing songs about killing police officers, black-on-black crime, or the mind-numbing logic that black-only organizations are ok but not white-only organizations.

Try starting the National Association of White people. It would be an instant hate crime and infiltrated by the FBI on day one. Whites can’t have whites-only anything. Honoring criminals with statues vs. tearing down the statues of our Founders just drives me crazy. How about you? Who does this benefit? Once again, any change to our social systems, financial systems, or families benefits the government. You don’t need anything but the government to take care of you; right?  The incentive to get people to give up their freedom, independence, and financial dreams is cradle to the grave government. Beneficial primarily to the Dems. The incentive dangled in front of the people is…more free stuff and a false sense of security.

Globalization is the glue that brings all these seemingly disparate themes together.

Until the last 25 years, Nationalism was never questioned. Today, Nike says it’s a Chinese company. Can you believe that? Globalization is the first step to Transnationalism. That means global government. Who wants that? Marxists. More fair distribution and control of resources is what they say. Translation: Americans have too many resources.

They see that as unfair. Picture of a Globalist: John Kerry trots the globe in his wife’s jet, cruises the oceans in his wife’s yacht, pontificates each year at Davos Switzerland on how they’ll rule a fairer world one day. Russia attends, China attends, and the elite of the world. Remember, the statement by Press Secretary Jen Psaki a week or so ago stating it was ok for ex-President Obama to have a large potential super spreader birthday party because the attendees were “sophisticated and vaccinated”?  Unbelievable. Who says stupid things like that?

We see a trend of dumbing down.

Dumbing down our schools, families, entrepreneurs (so many government requirements) delivery of government services, military readiness, and more. Who would have believed that playing the national anthem would be controversial or that displaying our flag is an issue because it “offends” someone?  The examples are legion and growing fast. Time to put a fork in it, my friends. You have to be asking yourself the question; why would America’s rich, famous and political leaders want to join some one-world government?

It’s preposterous on its face. Until you understand the dynamics involved and the rewards for being “woke”.  The Afghanistan army largely laid down their weapons without a fight and knowing that they would be at the Taliban’s mercy. Why did they do it? For the same reason our elites are doing it; to survive in what they believe is their own Brave New World.

Standing for American Principles

We aim to make sure they are wrong. We stand for American principles. We stand for the rights of the individual and the individual’s right to what they produce. We stand for personal responsibility, the importance of family, and a reliance on a moral system based on God. We will die for those principles.

For those on the left, the Prime Directive is to not lose power. Everything else can be sacrificed. Fairness, prosperity, health, freedom, and even your very life can be forfeit to serve their ultimate aims. Don’t be afraid to stand against this darkness. Don’t fear what others might think; you might be surprised how much they think as you do. Life was never free, there’s always been a cost. Ultimately, we all pay for it. But, at the end of the day, which side you choose will ensure either you are a patriot or a subject. You know where I stand on that issue.

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