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We live in a technological society.  Put aside any thought of returning to a quieter time when families came first, and we were a much more unified and metamorphic society.  The genie is out of the bottle, and we are married to our technology, for good or bad.

Have you ever heard of Moore’s Law?  In 1965, Gordon Moore claimed that the number of transistors on each integrated circuit would double yearly.  To an incredible degree, Moore proved correct.  The doubling thesis resident in Gordon’s law is now a metaphor for almost every technology we use.  Our ability to understand our tech is becoming more complex and demanding, and even our best minds acknowledge difficulty keeping up with tech’s velocity.

We won’t de-invent any of our treasured tech, no longer accept poor medical outcomes, or work in a mine with the expectation we will die young. Rife in the news is a great deal of Armageddon talk about Artificial Intelligence.  Could President Biden be an example of the first (failed) generation of AI?    Elon Musk just called for a pause in AI implementation to understand its ramifications, which he has stated could be catastrophic.   Do we know all the consequences of our technology?  I believe not.

But people in business, government, and our thought leaders make the preposterous claim they do.  Climate Change High Priests and Priestess in government, academia, and big business use technology and its pantheon of terms and definitions that befuddle us.  No one understands their proofs or conclusions.  They have decided that your future will be strikingly different than you could ever contemplate.  They do this with the sure and unshakable belief that they know better than you.  We ostensibly live in a free country.  If this is true, major decisions like the following bulleted items should be the subject of conversation and even broad general agreement before you are forced to change your life and give up your dreams.  These issues include;

  • Energy
  • The Economy
  • Social Justice
  • Nationalism vs. Globalism
  • Personal Freedom

We have much to talk about in a short amount of space.  Let’s get to it!

  • Energy will be in short supply and expensive.    We will see energy constraints affect almost everything in your daily life; transportation, the size of your home, the food you eat, the vacations you go on,the vehicles you drive, and much more. Only clean nuclear energy could bail us out.  France is going all in with nuclear.   But our ‘greenies’ don’t like it, so that’s out. Cheap energy is fundamental to the American dream.  The progressives know that; they don’t want you to understand the road we are heading down.  You can understand why if you have a conservative bent and feel constantly under attack for your worldview or lack of belief.
  • Our  Economyis out of wack.  Long dominated by consumer spending, today, it is beginning to take a back seat to increased government spending. The government will consume $9.5 trillion this fiscal year vs. consumer spending of $15.9 trillion.  Although consumer spending still leads the economy, the gap is shrinking as government spending accelerates with double-digit annual increases.

    Another consideration is the increased wealth stratification, commonly called the “Wealth Gap.” It is generally ascribed to racial or social issues and less so than educational attainment or simply working harder and putting off self-pleasure.  Extreme poverty, not otherwise attached to mental health issues or immigration, has been declining for years.  It’s hard to starve to death in our country.  Hundreds of thousands of individuals are paid by government and private groups to look after the homeless and the dispossessed of all ages and kinds.  These ‘guardians’ have significantly accelerated systemic poverty as many become permanent wards of the State.

    From self-dependence to interdependence, this change is extremely important to understand as the government plays a more central role in people’s lives.  The ability of individuals to opt out of government control and coercion becomes more and more difficult.  Traditionally, our choices were shaped by our Economy, whereas today, many have become predetermined through government fiat.

  • Social Justice has become a verb.  No longer accurately describing a movement, SJ is now a cudgel to accomplish behavior change, excuse crime, allow unconscionable wasteful spending, and make an entire country bend to the will of unknown persons in an unaccountable manner.  The lack of accountability is staggering.  ‘Silverplate’ was the term used during the Manhattan Project to demand anything, from anyone, at any time, with no questions asked.  Claims of SJ is the new ‘Silver Plate. Who dares stand in their way?

    Social Justice narratives are tightly woven into the Green New Deal. Such is entirely on display with our economy’s transformation into something we can’t yet clearly define.  It leaves you wondering if the drivers of this transformation know where we will wind up; or if they even care at all, as disruption of the status quo is their foremost desire.

  • Nationalism vs. Globalism demonstrates that the admonition to ‘follow the money’ is still true today. For example, Climate Change is big business!    From our electrical grid to creating entirely new industries to produce power and climate-favored tech, massive amounts of money we don’t have will be spent to get where the government says we are going.  How you will get from point A to point B is unknown. How we grow food, our financial choices, mobility, and subservience to Climate Change imperativesthat will become unaffordable or unavailable is no obstacle to progressives.  For example, battery-powered vehicles are a dead end, yet the government demands their adoption.
  • Personal Freedom, or what’s left of it, will be tightly controlled to ensure societal harmony. Only the elites will be allowed the traditional freedoms we take for granted today.  I’ve spoken to one Globalist who explained this to me.  She stated that much of society’s problems could and will be resolved when ‘fairness’ becomes our guiding premise.  I felt the futility of arguing with this ‘true believer.’ Like so many other issues, the right to succeed or fail and the consequences that come with it are glossed over by too many as just another fungible facet of life.  No, freedom is about the right to fail.  Without that right, we can never be truly free.  Humans must be free to fail or to succeed on their own.  They want to take that away from us and see us conform to a single standard…theirs.


See how everything integrates within these five bullets.  You see how the government will take charge of your lives through coercive subsidies for many things you need to live.  Those very subsidies will be paid for with your wealth.  Globalism will replace Nationalism to ensure you are kept in check.  Globalism and its kissing cousin, One World Government, will have become a reality.

It is within that last bullet that the game becomes crystal clear.  Climate Change and its sibling Social Justice ignore inconvenient scientific truths or alternatives in favor of the draconian changes they seek to implement.  They intend to wipe out America’s history and culture, focusing on the single issue of Climate Change, bringing us into the bosom of their Brave New World.

Will we move forward, led docilely down the path suggested in the well-known Orwell book “1984?” Time will tell.

God Bless America!

Allan J. Feifer


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