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A lack of clarity of thought and critical thinking makes our country unable to plot a viable course forward regarding political correctness. Our distracted focus compromises our survival and threatens a continued functioning society as we focus on trivia versus our strategic interests. We pay a dear price indeed.


Exploring the Tragic Legacy of Iranian Child Soldiers:


Have you heard that during the 1980-1988 war between Iran and Iraq, Iranian child soldiers were sent onto the battlefield with plastic keys around their necks? These keys symbolized their alleged permission to enter Paradise. Those children were used as “mine-clearers,” sent ahead of armored vehicles and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps soldiers. Many of those children were blown up while clearing the way.

Today, the slight equivocations of what happened in Israel are somehow not as clear-cut and stark as they should be. Truth is already in the process of being rewritten. The Squad faintly condemns the atrocities in Israel but somehow draws an ever-too-slight distinction over a supposedly brutal and never-ending Israeli occupation and claimed genocide toward the “Palestinian” people.

We have such short memories and a fractured version of history, don’t we?

If you don’t know the background of how the “Palestinians” came to be, reference my earlier AT article. War is brutal, unforgiving, and cruel. It must be that way to avoid stupid wars that cost us blood and treasure but don’t fundamentally or meaningfully change things. America has largely been the good guy throughout the world, with many more good acts than bad. We are not perfect. But that does not mean we should dwell on our mistakes & not make progress in political correctness. We should fix them and move on. The horrors of 9-11 had to be confronted. Does anyone seriously believe we should have just accepted that terrible attack?


Politics & Warfare: Comparing the Impact of Their Actions on Society


Politicians kill, maim, and injure more people than any army through stupid policies, frequently poorly thought-out actions, or without defined objectives. Warriors understand the lunacy of fighting futile battles. Yet, because we are so powerful, the narrative goes that we shouldn’t seek to annihilate anyone and, God forbid, be responsible for civilian collateral damage. Such thinking impedes our military objectives and ultimately costs far more lives. Our enemies know how we think and will use that to our detriment.



I’ll be severely criticized for saying it, but when you use military force, it must be overwhelming and ruthless. The only question the enemy should wonder about is how badly they will take it in the shorts to bring political correctness. Not whether they’ll get a pass, a light spanking, and an admonishment never to do it again. For all those “snowflakes” out there, war follows failed diplomacy. Understand that diplomatic attempts often do nothing but project weakness while allowing the enemy to sharpen their plans to kill more people.  Once the fight is on, diplomats must leave the field of battle and then wait to negotiate the terms of surrender.


Role of Historical Knowledge in Shaping Political Correctness:


We have forgotten how to fight wars. Thus, we have more wars, more prolonged wars, and more death and destruction than would have been had we understood our history and recognized what is in our national interests before engaging. I am a firm believer in doctrines. The United States has not had a clear, publicly espoused doctrine since Ronald Reagan. To be truly effective, such a doctrine must be clear, concise, and backed up by the will to translate words into actions at lightning speed.  Obama was famous for using tough-sounding words like “Red Lines” when Assad used chemical weapons on his people. Instead of acting, we cautioned, “You better not do that again.” But our empty warnings went unheeded.

Weakness is a palatable disease. It frequently invites miscalculation and bloody, unwinnable wars, suggesting to allies that one is feckless, indecisive, or unreliable. Remember the Afghanistan withdrawal? Sadly, once-great countries begin to fade with lost respect.

In the upcoming days, the media will adhere to one of their journalistic tenets… “If it bleeds, it leads.” Hamas is already creating fake videos purporting to show them shooting down Israeli helicopters, bombing hospitals, and Israelis butchering civilians. Some of the population needs these fake videos to confirm their view that Israel is somehow equally as brutal as Hamas. That the truth is altogether different carries zero weight with these zealots who turned over their minds and souls to the devil.

To my mind, this is one of the significant problems and mysteries of today’s turbulent world. Almost everything is a question of perspective: somehow, mysterious equivalencies keep us from judging right from wrong and good vs. evil. How did this suicidal, utterly false idea find roots in liberal minds? This question deserves an answer.

How should Hamas terrorists’ cutting the heads off infants somehow compare to Israel’s struggle to find a compassionate but almost impossible way to protect itself from those who want nothing less than to exterminate all Jews? This is an issue for all Americans because Iran also wants the U.S., “The Great Satan,” dead. This is not hyperbole.We’ve been challenged time after time, both in our homeland and abroad. Radical Islam, which purportedly represents between 5% and 25% of Muslims (no one really knows), requires all Muslims to wage Jihad on non-believers.



There is no parallel to this in the Western world. Why don’t we take them at their word? This is evidence of the fallacy of “equivalency”  pushed so hard here, in Europe, and even in Israel. And, if you think distance from these fanatics will save us, you are wrong. Iran will shortly have nuclear weapons, and just as they tried twice to take down the Twin Towers before they were successful, they’ll find a way to get a device to New York. Bet on it.


Constitutional Convention Debate: Exploring Paths to Political Reform

.Our political leaders have lost the ability to govern. Term limits would undoubtedly help, but such a change cannot happen absent a Constitutional Convention. An informed electorate would help, but too many citizens are functionally and historically illiterate. A government that thinks it knows best has fundamentally castrated much of its citizenry through a radicalized educational system. Deliver the goodies, and we will reelect you”! My friends, the goodies will most certainly stop in the not-too-distant future. But, until then, everybody is to sit back and take their Soma.

We, the fat, lazy citizens of the Free World, have allowed this to happen. We drank the Kool-Aid, and now we walk around in a daze and spout focus-tested nonsense fed to us by Republicans, Democrats, or some other special-interest group broadcasting their own schemes. Many people know the end of this political correctness is coming but somehow cling to their individual beliefs, tribes, and conjectures, believing that God will save them.


It won’t happen. Citizens of the Free World were given two things to ensure a good life:

  1. The right to self-determination
  2. A mind that accepts responsibility or abdicates it


Let no one tell you otherwise. If you allow yourself to be deluded or coopted, or if you opt out because you either fear the consequences or are too lazy to accept responsibility for your life, you get what’s coming to you.

I don’t know who first said it, but the only solution that presents itself today is an old one:

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” Another of my favorite adages is to “Know your enemy.”

Well, folks…what will it be, more of the same or a new beginning for our once-great country? We must choose wisely, for if we don’t, our enemies will surely destroy us.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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