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I’ve learned the secret of our enemy’s strategy. Progressives detest our moral fiber, our humanity, self-sufficiency, individuality, everything that’s good about the American system of Capitalism, every intact family, and anyone who believes in being a patriot or believes in God; all of it is considered to be a privilege, they can’t allow you to keep. And, like the fools we’ve been, we’ve given in and allowed them to get away with it.


Celebration vs. Dissent


It’s a good time around the 4th of July to put into perspective how our current state of affairs came to be and where we are heading. Don’t doubt that millions of “Americans” not only don’t celebrate our country’s founding but spit upon our flag, holding the belief that we are an illegitimate country built upon a tradition of slavery that extends to this very day. These same people believe we were/are a colonial power and exist for the enrichment of the few over the many. Today, I want my readers to believe we cannot simply ignore these people because they are coming for all of us eventually. If we don’t understand what’s happening quickly, there will be no turning back, and a civil war will be the result. God help us all, then.

I have a friend who believes a day of reckoning is coming and coming soon. I hope it does not come to that.  In that spirit, let me lay out issues that threaten our constitutional republic as never before. Even external enemies that we have actually fought wars against never likely intended to occupy us as this enemy does.

We are already actively fighting this war, with too few knowing who or what the enemy is. Worse, many of those who fight against American-style democracy frequently are our friends and relatives…fellow Americans. We had our internal dissenters, spies, provocateurs, and fifth columnists before, but today, we have to acknowledge that millions of Americans hate our country as it exists. Let’s try to make sense of it all.

Every societal ill today is nothing more than a symptom of a broader problem. Screaming and frequently uneducated individuals who support issues of race, gender, Palestinian rights, equity, immigration, intersectionality, wealth inequality, diversity, and an ever-growing list of isms see good people whipsawed and unsure of the ground they stand on. Then there are those who know what’s going on, the true believers who rarely will come out and tell you the truth…how they hate America, its economic system, its power, and the people of this country who they can’t seem to overcome through legal means. Yes, they’ve effectively used the political process and the court system to create havoc and chaos in some locales. Still, they haven’t been able to achieve their overarching objective, changing America to the Godless Marxist ideal they so desperately desire.


Ideological Battlefronts: Activists Wage War on American Values:-


Their battle plan can be understood as a two-front war:

  1. Co-opt the impressionable youth of America. The enemy has successfully penetrated most of our education system and is effectively manufacturing drones that will seek immediate changes or eventually inherit the system and simply vote for the demise of our country. Obama and Biden may be early attempts to try and accomplish this through illegal Executive Orders.
  2. Throughout mankind’s history, we’ve been plagued by maniacal dictators and their acolytes who mindlessly carry out the evil designs of their masters. Today, to a large degree, the people pulling the strings, giving orders, and guiding the mayhem are amorphous and opaque, making it difficult to hate or fight against what has morphed into an idea instead of the locus of a single individual we could visualize and detest.

If you are not one of the haters of America, know they hate you. We’ve seen it playing out in NY restaurants where the mob barges in and demands you make verbal statements against what you stand for. We see it in the Palestinian protests where they single out Jews, any Jews, as Zionists and active participants in fake genocide. We see it in those who drive illegals across the border and into the homeland because they don’t believe in borders. We’ve seen it in our school bathrooms, with naked men terrorizing females in changing rooms. We see it in young employees (those who deign to work at all) who have no respect for authority or possess a good work ethic. All at once and everywhere, all our systems and ideals are under threat.

And what do we do?  We try to negotiate with terrorists. Literally, in the case of Hamas, as Biden threatens to do, just as we negotiate with all the progressives who don’t see our systems falling fast enough. For me, enough is enough.


Battle Cry Against Internal Enemies: Patriot Stands Firm:-


I will not back up anymore, not one inch. The die has been cast. The enemy is everywhere: our government, too many of our teachers and especially our school administrators, our thought and opinion leaders, our civil servants, and our journalists. The enemy is everyone who thinks our country has not been the shining example of hope, faith, and prosperity that it’s been. In reality, it’s the tide that rises all boats; it’s the soldier who stands on the wall and says, “Not on my watch,” it’s the inventor, the tinkerer, and the guy who punches in for his second shift of the day to make sure his family is well taken care of.  Americans are the good guys! We’re not perfect, but we are profoundly above and beyond most, if not all, other countries and are the ultimate defenders of the free world. If not for us being the world’s spine, everything else crumbles.

For all you Progressives taking shots at us, let’s see you point to some other country that’s filled more bellies, built more houses, and been as generous as this country has been. We are the most benevolent nation on earth. We accomplished this by not stealing someone’s productive worth and making slaves of them.

I believe that in recognition of the 248th anniversary of our great land, we all should be shouting our success to the rafters. We are the essential nation. We risk losing that moniker if we become too much like other nations unworthy of copying.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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