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Today we’ll delve into how as a people, we once aspired to belong to a single tribe—American—amidst the backdrop of the recent Iranian attack on Israel. I’m not mentioning Native Americans, former slaves, etc., who, together, were not the main bulk of Americans that admittedly came from all over, but primarily from Europe. It is impossible to ignore that European immigrants had a different, more positive effect on the development of classic Americana than other groups. Those groups contributed, but America largely rejected tribalism, class, limits on personal success, and feudalism of all kinds. We had our crooks, our would-be local kings, and such. Still, by and large, all those were defeated by the unrestrained freedom to be selfish and succeed that capitalism promised and that America gifted to new arrivals and others. The lore of American success is still clearly felt and evident to the many who still see America as streets paved with gold.

Now, we are a mishmash of often competing images of who we are, what we are, who we identify with, and what allegiances we have. If you are a white male, chances are you still identify as an American. Hispanics and Blacks, not nearly as much.  If you are young, half of you are clueless, and finally, if you are a white female, far too many are somehow loyal to a concept that revolves around abortion; it has become their god with no issue held in higher regard. That could change in a flash should war, economic calamity, or natural or terrorism take center stage, as it likely might. The ability to hold a single issue, such as abortion, of such high importance is a consequence of prosperity, not superior thinking. Threaten prosperity, and priorities change instantly.


From Aspirational Leader to Tribal Identity:-


For generations, the United States of America has been the aspirational leader in the world, with more happy people than just about anywhere else. Over a relatively short period, that view has evolved, competing with the current thinking that asks, ‘What tribe do you identify with?’ Tribes are no longer strictly ethnic but social, religious, economic, gender, and affinity-based. Quite a few are not traditional and will ultimately fall apart as they don’t contain the essential elements that help us survive and prosper. There is even a gaming cult that does little more than exist to play first-person action games. This is doomed to fail, as will many others without continued subsidization.

In a very real sense, you can see that we are devolving from a cohesive, successful social system to one that is losing ground against so much of the world. We’re not gone yet, but let’s take a minute to take stock of what’s changed and what each of us must do to avoid the fate of so many failed States before us.

The top seven happy places in the world are:

  1. Finland
  2. Demark
  3. Iceland
  4. Israel
  5. Netherlands
  6. Norway
  7. Sweden

If you were wondering, the U.S. ranked 23rd, behind Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, the UAE, and others, closely followed by Mexico!

The least happy places in the world are:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Anywhere in Africa
  3. China ranked 60
  4. Russia ranked at 72
  5. Iran at 100
  6. Most South and Central American Countries
  7. Almost all countries in the Middle East except for some, but not all, the oil-rich Kingdoms

You quickly come away with an ability to manifest a spot-on analysis. The more tribal a country, the more likely internal discord will be. Another way of saying this is that any modern country that is socially homogeneous has many advantages over countries that are not modern or homogeneous.

Our country was dominated for generations by a single tenet…assimilate and become an American. Whether you had been here for many generations or just two or three, if you were successful and law-abiding, you wanted to assimilate and become just another American. Today, that thought has been turned on its head by a coalition of groups driving wedges between us.


Divide & Conquer – The Calculated Strategy:-


A central premise is that we are being pushed into a different and unnatural view of the world based on identity politics taken to the extreme. The inability of differing sides to talk to each other, much less find the middle ground, is a feature and not a fault of those pushing to splinter us. Who would have thought as recently as a year ago that the United States would turn on Israel and essentially demand Israel’s surrender in the face of the largest successful terror attack against it ever? Who would have thought that millions of Americans believe Vladimir Putin is someone we should cozy up to instead of recognizing as the enemy? Who would have thought we’d allow tens of thousands of Chinese to enter this country illegally and disappear into our heartland, knowing that China seeks confrontation with us? All this while we focus on boys playing women’s sports or what bathroom they want to use. Are these our most pressing issues? I think not!  Yet, these issues and others, like EVs, are the single focus for too many.

Today’s article is centered on the idea that we must aspire to be Americans first and wherever we came from, way down the list of priorities. All the happiest countries have but a single identity; all the failed countries have rampant tribalism, feuds, and histories of strife and failed economic systems that ultimately became self-reinforcing facts.

A new piece by Victor David Hanson lays out how the Biden administration deliberately uses its levers of power to balkanize us. Hanson notes eleven positions or actions Biden has taken that continue Obama’s policies designed to make us susceptible to being taken over.

  1. Open Borders that allow the world to come in and dilute our previous unanimity and sense of national identity
  2. Break the bank with 35 Trillion dollars in debt and rising fast
  3. Appease our enemies
  4. Redefine Identify as one’s tribal affiliation
  5. Look at crime through the lens of social injustice
  6. Destroy our military, the protector of our traditions
  7. Politicize our justice system to ensure their control
  8. Merge the political state with the electronic media
  9. Eliminate cheap energy
  10. Destroy families and children
  11. Complete building the propaganda machine we used to call education

Gallup recently took a  poll that asked: “Are you proud to be an American?” Only 38% answered “Yes”. This is the lowest answer since Gallup started asking the question in 2001.

If we are to survive, we must choose to be an American and be proud of it, even as we seek to smooth out our rough edges. However, we must also recognize that it is utter destruction to encourage former tribal behavior from the groups already here or coming here. As expressed and promoted by the various DEI initiatives, diversity is a time bomb in our midst. Those promoting it are enemies of us all.


Recent Iranian Attack & Biden’s Betrayal— “Take the Win


It’s the day after tomorrow, and Iran wants to turn the war spigot on and off to its advantage.

Iran says its attack on Israel is a response to Israel’s strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, and “the matter can be deemed concluded.”

Iranian Attack on Israel based solely on not only testing the Israel’s defenses but the will and resolve of the Biden administration after recently sending encouraging messages to Iran and its proxies. Now, Israel has to decide what the appropriate response will be. Undoubtedly, the Biden administration will push his desire for no response based on the theory that since there were no Israeli deaths, there is no fowl. What happens when Iran sends the next barrage?

However, not drawing blood was not Iran’s intent, with the weight of 300+ ballistic missiles, killer drones, and cruise missiles intending to kill many Israelis. Having failed, should Iran be rewarded? The answer, of course, is no. Only through deterrence and a forceful response will Iran know its place and stop fomenting mayhem. And not just once, but every time they, or one of their proxies, acts on their behalf. That is the only way to stop the cycle of violence. They must fear that their time in power will inevitably end. That is why I fear that Iran can and will use nuclear weapons if they are allowed to have them. For they also know the limitations and consequences of failure.

Israel must show the strength that an always defensive U.S. seems incapable of and pick appropriate targets to demonstrate that Israel is not Biden’s lapdog. Israel must strike at the factories of Iran’s war machine to degrade and destroy its ability to supply both itself and its proxies.

Iran believed there was a window of opportunity to taste more Jewish blood after Iranian attack on Israel. Like Dracula, Israel inevitably has to put a stake through its heart. Iran failed so miserably in its desire to destroy Israel that it showed its people fake videos of destruction supposedly inflicted by its military might.

“A video clip aired by Iran’s state TV service claiming to show fiery destruction in Israel due to a massive Iranian missile and drone attack is months-old footage of a fire in Chile, a reporter for a fact-finding division of the BBC clarified Sunday.”

And, for the first time in history, to my knowledge, an Arab country helped Israel overtly by shooting down drones flying over Jordan.

Times are changing. Let’s get on the right side of history!

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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