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Most of us cannot evaluate equivocal information, which is necessary to form reliable conclusions. It is essential to project future trends and events—forward casting, as I call it. In ancient times, we read the entrails of some poor beast or threw a roll of old bones to see the future. Our current tendency to view everything through a prism of victimization, coupled with DEI imperatives over rational analysis, has led us to misunderstand our history and see us struck blind to the destruction of our future. Today, Let’s discuss what we’re doing wrong and how our enemies are all too willing to take advantage of our current mental and material malaise.


From Bones to Ballots – Unveiling Political Landscape:-

Let’s start by reading what our bones reveal and then move on to reading entrails, our political system. Let’s start with some relatable facts:

  1. We are not recovering from COVID’s effects nearly fast enough. Aerospace is the broadest and most important contributor to our exports. Virtually every facet, from airliners, spaceships, and warplanes, all costing two to three times what they should or are years late and suffering from interminable quality issues. This seemingly came out of left field, and we see Boeing falling over a cliff, producing the smallest number of aircraft in decades with no new clean-sheet airliner projects on the horizon because Boeing is broke and lacks technical competency!
  2. The US Navy’s new ship construction is declining even as costs and schedules soar. According to the new Biden budget proposal, China will add 20 new warships while we decommission six. Over the next 20 years, we’ll lose 20 combatants while China adds 40 new warships. Why? We can’t build on time or budget any longer.
  3. Supplying Ukraine and other allies with vital weaponry has revealed that our defense industrial base is not up to the task of fighting a high-intensity war. Thank the current situation for exposing gross negligence by the political establishment for putting us in the position where we are subject to the real possibility of blackmail by an enemy.
  4. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is at its lowest level since 1983. It is only half-filled today after recent drawdowns by the Biden administration to artificially lower gas prices for American drivers solely for political purposes. Did you hear that Biden just took another million barrels from another reserve to try to lower prices over the recent Memorial Day weekend?
  5. Is the US lawless as most Americans feel, or seeing some of the lowest crime in a generation, according to Biden? The answer could be the former, as the FBI underreports crime. Why?
  6. Can Johnnie read and do math? Only 16% of Americans believe we are going in the right direction. The majority of high school graduates are functionally illiterate by the standards of fifty years ago.
  7. Lost in the outrage of the number of migrants coming across the border unvetted is another even more critical component: Is anyone counting costs? Do we take it at face value that migrants pay their way as Biden’s White House says? Evidence to the contraryAnother issue that gets scant attention: Will our country face a future enemy on the battlefield in the not-to-distant future? Many experts say we will. If so, why are we not circumspect about enemies sending vast numbers of military-age males here? Why doesn’t that scare the crap out of all of us?

These seven items are just the tip of the iceberg. Now let’s read the entrails, what the military calls “Intentions and Capabilities,” which are not limited to just the military but also contain aspects of intelligence, political will, macroeconomic trends, and evaluations of a country’s stability on multiple levels. I want to share a redacted and compressed analysis of the assumed US direction over the next twenty years. Let’s say I wrote it since I’ve interpreted it with my knowledge and unclassified access:

The United States is in decline based on several metrics such as productivity, employment, home ownership, savings rates, education, family formation, criminality, national debt, and military capabilities, all of which trend negatively.

The US is presently struggling with its position in the world as the fight between globalists and isolationists becomes more determinant. Finally, the country faces a financial crisis due to an ever-expanding proportion of debt vs. GDP that is currently unsustainable but ignored by politicians.

You can easily see our country’s trendline is downward. Economic and social ruin are inevitable if we continue the way we are. The Biden administration is not inclined to change its policies, which hasten the decline. Given the ascendancy of China and other nations planning to dominate and restructure the world post-America, we will discover too late that our society is too far gone to make the structural changes required to compete and regain a dominant global position. The US will continue to exist, but not as a great power; it will be another European-style consumer nation that owes its fealty and protection to another. This is what awaits us if we stay the current course.


A Call for Change – Embracing Key Doctrines:-

There is another way; it is not too late to change direction. To do so requires four simple doctrines:

  1. America First—let the world ride our coattails to prosperity and security
  2. Eviscerate the bureaucracy—one-quarter plus of hiring since the pandemic is government workers. We need less, not more government.
  3. Unleash Ruthless Capitalism—do not create barriers to entrepreneurship. Don’t limit what someone can make, and don’t create pathways that allow people to avoid Capitalism as we do today.
  4. Destroy DEI, the false religion of Climate Change, and an education system that no longer teaches, only indoctrinates.  Allow people to fail. Only through failure can we achieve success. This is how human nature works.

Given these four fundamental changes that lead us back to our roots, we can enlarge the world’s pie again, starting with our own. The world will calm down when America regains the mantle of economic and military domination it once possessed. Each generation questions its roots and accomplishments; that’s natural. What’s not natural is the subversion of America by its enemies, foreign and domestic. We must always be on guard for those with malevolent intent for our country.

Success or failure is always a choice. The easy choice likely leads to failure; the hard choice presents an opportunity.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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