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Hello Fellow Patriots:

It occurred to me (probably you as well) that there is more turmoil in our country today than ever before; at least as far as our lifetime is concerned. If it were just a question of the sheer quantity of issues facing our country, that might be something we could fix over time, knocking off one issue after another. But there is something else going on that is far more pernicious and for which we don’t seem to have an answer; what to do to correct the ever-steeper downward trajectory that is shaking our country to its core.

The issue at play now is that the majority of Americans have lost trust in the ability of our leaders to govern and even more insidious, whether we can depend on those leaders to tell us the truth. I fear we are simply being handled or manipulated like so much cattle. Here are a few examples that are emblematic of the breadth and depth of the issues of trust we face today:

  • The Supreme Court Leaker: let’s not deal with the leak itself, just the fact that the sanctity of the court was broken. No one seems to have any interest in prioritizing this profound breach of trust and the likely negative effect it will have on future deliberations and decisions. Why has this traitor not been outed? I say traitor because the individual wants to effectively substitute his/her opinion over that of a constitutionally constituted Supreme Court. Think about that for a moment. Doesn’t this rise to the level of Treason in its damage to our systems of trust? My understanding is that the list of suspects is only about 40 individuals long. More than four weeks in and the usurper has not been identified. That person must be found and outed. The Supreme Court cannot stand if we, as a country lose faith in the constitutionally mandated deliberative process, which is foundational to the proper and effective functioning of our country. That’s really what’s on the line, friends.
  • Baby Formula: The closing of the Abbott facility was completely botched. Everyone and I mean everyone in the government immediately recognized that 40% of the formula produced in the US came from a single plant and what the effects on the baby formula supply chain would be. I might be able to forgive the failure of forethought in not diversifying our supply years ago. But what I can’t forgive is the complete breakdown of responsibility by our FDA and the President (through his staff) for not having raised the alarm as week by week, the problems grew worse four months before the plant’s actual closing. Now, we are three months post closure. That’s a total of seven wasted months. Made worse by the fact that there was a heads-up that this might happen back in September of 2021. It would have been reasonable and appropriate to commence planning for a shortage of baby formula right then. Prioritizing the reopening of this critical plant simply wasn’t a high priority to government functionaries until the blowback happened and that was entirely predictable on day one. Hungry babies in America are a new low for our country. And it comes on the heels of one crisis after another, all of which share the same traits and commonality and are indicative of the same breakdown of leadership, analysis, and trust.
  • The War in Ukraine: Intelligence experts claim they warned the administration that Russia was going to attack in April of 2021. We rewarded every minor withdrawal, promises of a withdrawal, or supposed diminishment of tensions in the runup to the actual invasion with a Presidential pat on Putin’s back for being a good world citizen. Russian strategy was effective in keeping the US and its allies sleeping for far too long. Instead of sending lethal weapons in quantity early, we sent mostly non-lethal aid to Ukraine before the war’s commencement. We were fearful to place sanctions on Russia that could very well have signaled the US’s resolve and that might have headed off the utter destruction, death, and injuries that followed. Policies of appeasement were on full display for all the world to see and the inevitable result was an emboldened Russia. We continually validated Russia’s prewar assumptions. Even after Ukraine was brutally attacked in a massive Combined Arms Invasion, we sent mixed messages to the Russians who believed we lacked the resolve to do what it takes to deter the bear. This kind of ambiguity is how World Wars start. This highlighted a massive breach in the trust we place in our leaders to prevent exactly the kind of genocide now on display and in how the entire world perceives the lack of effectiveness of our President. Developing as we speak is the issue of world famine. Russia is effectively blockading wheat and other agribusiness items from reaching the mostly poor and developing nations that depend on the Ukrainian breadbasket. Wait till people start starving for our next kneejerk reaction. Watch the hand wringing and moralistic statements. This should have been factored in before the war started. Talking heads are just beginning to react to this slow-moving Tsunami that threatens to see thousands slowly die of starvation. This again is partially on us for continued failures of leadership.
  • The sky-high cost of energy: Why do we have a shortage of energy and why aren’t we being told the truth? The salient question every American should ask is are we being deceived by the President? Old “circle back” Psaki was asked endlessly why we are producing less energy, even today? Pre-Pandemic, under Trump, the US was producing a record 13 million barrels of oil per day and we even had a surplus to export. Production fell by 3 million BPD due to slackened demand during the Pandemic amid new Presidential policies. Production is now back up to 11.6 BPD but is having difficulty accelerating. Why? There has been plenty of warning time. To this very day, there is no plan in place to supply additional energy quickly. What happens after the million barrel a day drawdown of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve stops after 6 months that the President ordered a couple of months ago? I would assume they’ll blame the greedy oil companies once again. Failures of leadership are once again on display!  Could the underlying reason be the simple truth that Biden articulated in 2019 “I want you to look at my eyes. I guarantee you. I guarantee you. We’re going to end fossil fuel.”Is he just keeping his promise and lying to us all? My take is simple; he desires high prices and cares not about the damage to American families and our position in the world, all to support his Green New Deal initiatives. Biden is all-in on electric vehicles and solar power in general. In a classic carrot and stick approach, Biden simply is turning that axiom upside-down. He’s punishing our population first and promising them better days ahead. His promises ring hollow.  It may be hard for you to understand but producing oil is capital intensive. Oil company executives are ready, willing, and able to dramatically up oil production, but there is a problem. Biden may allow companies to explore for and produce new oil and undertake the required investment today. But oil companies are scared to death that after the political crisis abates, the President will kick the supports out from under the industry and leave oil companies holding the bag. That’s exactly what happened when he took office. What is it people say…” fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?” So far, the petroleum industry is not taking the bait. We’ll have a lot more to say about this in a future article.

There are so many basic issues that are just as important as the above and yes, just as disheartening and demoralizing; immigration, woke policies, education, Covid response, and even the massive issue of race-based policies setting races against each other. We could go on seemingly endlessly. Is it no wonder we don’t trust our government, its leaders, policies, and even its well-intended intentions any longer?

Fundamentally, my examination of President Biden is that he either believes in what he says or is being manipulated by his puppet masters. Historically, Biden was not known for his intelligence. It’s a fact that you can readily research to verify for yourself in many articles. Biden is a verified plagiarizer who finished college near the bottom of his class. That Biden is a documented prevaricator is easy to discover in many documents. That’s a problem for the leader of the free world and also a point that can and is being exploited by our enemies. The leader of our country must necessarily be above reproach. He represents the best of us. He cannot be either mediocre or of questionable character and integrity. How have we lost that understanding? Why are the people running for President so imperfect that we have to frequently hold our noses as we pull the lever in polling booths?

Any discussion of the deep loss of trust between America’s population and its leaders must inevitably touch upon the many statements about Biden’s purported corruption in office. In over 40 years in the Senate and now as our President, Biden has deflected, denied, laughed at, and otherwise, run away from the many allegations of wrongdoing of the purported Biden Crime Family. One of my best friends, The Queen who thankfully edits my diatribes, will frequently call “foul” on some of my sources. And, that’s the point. There are dozens of claims, allegations, and more that point to a substantial ongoing conspiracy that permeates the Biden family. But, like Hillary, the Justice Department, FBI, and other investigators and other sworn individuals perpetually give the likes of Biden a pass. Hillary was just called out for what could easily be called a criminal conspiracy by her former Campaign Manager Robby Mook. I am still waiting to hear that the FBI is not only investigating, but actually charging those that manipulated Presidential elections with false narratives they conspired to create and spread widely. God, we need to clean house. But who’s going to do it?

We have arrived at a point that I believe was intended by Biden and his acolytes, that is, an ability to traipse around substantive issues with impunity. Impunity is conferred by a legal system that is no longer even-handed and a media that simply do not report stories they don’t agree with politically. The utter disregard for breaking those sacred bonds of trust closely held between ordinary Americans and their leadership, a required sense of fealty to the principles and practices of a nation that has stood for good, stood for a better tomorrow, and been that beacon of hope to the entire world is now in doubt. That is a tragedy. And, it is entirely self-inflicted but still not challenged by rank-and-file Americans that are either disinterested or worse, have given up trying to make sense of what’s going on.

A dumbed-down electorate has effectively collapsed or just given up hope for leadership we can all trust; falling for the kind of tripe that our enemies will see and take advantage of.

May God somehow help us to undo the harm that the destroyers have wrought upon this nation before it is too late.

God Bless America and especially Ukraine at this time of genocide and war that sees no end in sight.

Allan J. Feifer


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