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There has never been a more dangerous time in the world than right now. At the height of the Cold War, both the United States and the Soviet Union possessed the power of rational thought that restrained them from going too far and losing it all. Ronald Reagan broke the will of the Soviet Union’s leaders to fight the West. After a short-lived coup in 1991, the Soviet Union was no more. The lesson we should take away from this monumental historical moment is that nothing is assured. What should worry us is that it can happen here, too.


The Fiscal Imperative: America’s Spending Crisis:-


America, the greatest nation Earth has ever witnessed, can no longer continue to spend itself into oblivion. Nor can citizens intentionally splinter themselves along specious fault lines as if they don’t have more in common than the differences constantly pounded into them.

We Americans must have leaders who can communicate a simple, understandable, and compelling message that strikes at the heart of our primary divisions and challenges us, much as President Kennedy did in his famous “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You “speech. Our leaders cannot pander to the partisan interests that are so prevalent today.

The problem is that our country is shot through with thousands of people who do not wish our country well. With shouts of “Death to America” now common within the homeland, there can be no compromise with those elements that seek to destroy us.

America is imperfect, but that’s not expected of any human institution. Still, it has done so much good in this world, especially because of its extraordinary contributions to winning WWII and preventing the spread of communism in the decades after. Those accomplishments saved the world and led to the most extraordinary drop in world poverty in history.

To continue this trend, America must return to its creative roots in engineering, computer science, infrastructure, medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, and most importantly, financial discipline. Consumerism, by itself, does not make an economy.  One also needs a government with fiscal discipline, which America completely lacks.

Did you know that America creates a trillion dollars in debt every 100 days? It’s not that we don’t pay enough taxes; our country collects more taxes than any other nation.  It’s how we spend it that is broken and must be reformed.


The Populist Predicament – Examining Its Role in Fiscal Challenges:-


You must now ask yourself what allowed this disconnect between expectations and available resources. In a word, Populism. The Founders understood that there would be a day when the electorate would figure out they could vote themselves other peoples’ money. That day has arrived.

Whether Democrat or Republican, the system has corrupted itself to the degree that every large federal project must be spread out to almost all the states regardless of efficiency or cost to ensure politicians can claim they brought home the bacon. This is the essence of vote buying, and like any good spectator sport, almost everyone has their hand in the till, including everyone on entitlements.

The problem with the current path is that it ends badly. Good leadership lays out essential priorities, making decisions less politically and more pragmatically.

To start America’s recovery, here’s an excellent first step: Have the President regularly talk to the American people about the realities of unlimited wants vs. limited resources. It may take a while, but eventually, the argument’s logic should convince enough people that the nation’s living within its means is in its best interest. It is only through enlarging the pie that great accomplishments (now scarce) will once again become common. We have fallen a long way; we must strive to return to a more stable and predictable world.

The Democrats, with their hard left base, see taxing the rich as the appropriate path. However, if you confiscated the wealth of the top 1%, you would be back to where we are today in about ten years, and then what? Remember that a substantial portion of the wealth of the top 1% is invested. Spend it, and there would be little investment, leading to a likely even shorter period before we are broke again!

Two generations of a leftist media and education system and a corrupt government that protects itself at all costs have brought us to this day. By and large, our youth have lost their ability to look rationally at what is required of them to shape their own future. They feel simultaneously entitled and ill-used.

Ask them, and they’ll tell you that the Baby Boomers were the last generation to make it. They feel justified to malinger and complain about the remaining scraps. Biden told them they were entitled to abandon their student debt obligations.

15% of Americans want to leave our country. Never before have so many been so disenchanted that they effectively see the American Dream as dead.


A Common Quest: Bonding Through the Pursuit of Liberty:-


Israel and Ukraine are two heads of the same coin. Both share a desire for freedom and a peaceful existence, which is currently denied. Free people share a simple bond. We depend on one another. For a long time, we thought everyone would relish American-style freedoms. We were wrong. However, in discovering this, we must embrace our heritage, believing those ready for freedom can always depend on our country as the last and most crucial guarantor. Without that acceptance, our very freedoms are forfeit. We see that play out within our country today, with all our basic precepts challenged. This is why Israel and Ukraine matter.

Freedom is the tie that binds.

The clock is ticking down the time we have left. I wish I knew how long we have. There is time left to make a difference. How many of my readers and millions more understand that their future is tied to the success or failure of our country?

The time to dither is over. There are too many ways to step wrong and fail or wind up in a defensive war we are unprepared to fight. We must have better leaders. We must stop destroying the best of us and promote them instead. Everyone is legally equal, but those who wage war on us using Equity as their weapon will only succeed in destroying everything and everybody.

Who will fight for the values that our forefathers fought so valiantly for, risking everything in the process? If not you, then who? The blood of an untold number of patriots waits for an answer.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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