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On Saturday, June 8th, there was a riot by pro-Palestinians at UCLA. On Monday, June 10th, there was more rioting outside the White House. Unless you were watching Fox, you didn’t see much of it on MSM, as a lone Park Ranger was pelted with garbage or the desecration of a national landmark. CNN skipped those stories, substituting a 59-second video instead. Why is news frequently suppressed favorable to the interests of the law and order side? The Woke universe is unified in a way we’ve not seen, with the government looking the other way as laws are broken without any attempt to confront the behavior. And, with mainstream media whistling past the graveyard to the tune of “Nothing to see, move along.” All the news that is fit to print takes on a new meaning.


Cultural Issues Debate Summary:-


Will the last conservative social scientist please turn off the light? Over the weekend, I watched a podcast by Jordan Peterson, interviewing the rarest of the rare, a conservative social scientist, Eric Kaufman. In this thought-provoking podcast, Kaufman lays out the playbook and the underlying dynamics that drive so much of the woke social agenda tearing our country up. I began to understand yet another front revealing the drivers and power centers for America’s new homegrown terrorists and nihilists.

It may come as no surprise that changes in our educational system at all levels are the fundamental drivers for progressive changes demanding similarly progressive outcomes. Our system of education amounts to a farm team graduating a product—psychopathic individuals unable to cope with the realities of everyday life that have existed for eons. What’s new and revealing in this podcast are the protagonists and antagonists that lead to anti-social thinking injected into little Johnnie, especially little Sarah, who has been remade into a self-actualized guided missile for the Left. Let’s explore how this happened.

The U.S. government spends over $1.5 trillion on education annually, not counting the nearly 4 million home-schooled children. We spend $752 Billion for public K-12 and $702 Billion in government funds for colleges and universities, and that’s not counting the $56 Billion that our citizens pay on their own for private K-12. There is no single function we pay more for and get less than public education in America. The cost increases dramatically yearly, even as the number of native-born students declines. A tidal wave of costs and discipline problems is coming when we factor in millions of new migrant children who don’t speak English, which is an incredible burden on local school systems and can be expected to reduce general educational attainment for existing students as we level down.

I’m frequently asked:

“What is the nexus that connects education with progressivism?”

As this podcast points out, our younger teachers of the last 25 or so years have all gone through an intensive indoctrination system by a predominantly female-run system of education in our colleges and universities. We are currently fighting an intensive social war where there will be winners and losers. We must win, or we will lose our economic system, which is the goal of the most radical social warriors. We can’t let the idealogues win.  It is imperative to understand that teachers are not academics. Teachers in training may have some predispositions, but it is the academics who hammer them with social injustice messaging, creating a new generation of social, political, and environmental justice warriors with an ideological bent with no fundamental knowledge or ability to think through the anti-capitalism and anti-American concepts being ingrained in them simultaneously.


From Academia to Mainstream – Rise of Economic Utilitarianism:-


Economic utilitarianism requires equality, redistribution, and equal outcomes that will lead to the end of Capitalism. These theories sprang from the failure of communism and socialism to produce the desired results—equality for all, defined as equal outcomes. Centers of education and social theory in Berkley in our country and the Greater London Council in Great Britain were the wellspring for radical ideas transplanted and then nurtured within our colleges and universities that taught legions of teachers about the illness called Capitalism and “selfish” Individualism. Trust is central to a society’s belief in its political system and for a successful future. The beginning of a loss of confidence in our institutions can be traced to the cancer cells intentionally planted within our system of training our future teachers.

Marginalized groups are scared all the time. This gave academics the tinderwood they needed to manipulate their young charges in a predictable manner that is both narcissistic and sadistic. These individuals knowingly did their damage; they deserve the description—Psychopaths. Like any virus, they need hosts to spread and survive. They then did this with a particularly vulnerable class of young women, 18-34, who are an anomaly in our society and don’t tend to become more conservative with age as males do and are easily manipulated to vote progressive. Concepts of race, gender, and sexuality are pushed to create a false reality that emphasizes the importance of issues that never had an important or impactful effect on society until, seemingly out of nowhere, they became determinant.


Social Scientists Warn – Screen Usage Linked to Decline in Skills:-


Social scientists correlate low verbal skills and an easily malleable mind starting in 2004 with the beginning of TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and other propaganda platforms that consume young minds, particularly the young 18-34 demographic. Only now is the body of science correlating high screen usage with impaired social skills and ultimately unsuccessful outcomes.

The social media industry is amazingly like the tobacco industry that for decades lied to us, only moving slowly from claims of positive health effects for tobacco use to the truth, which was diametrically and too often fatally different. Undoubtedly, social media will ultimately be viewed as every bit as deadly, both physically and psychologically, as tobacco was/is.

Wouldn’t it be intelligent to stop it now rather than a generation or two from the present?

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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