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If you liked our country the way it was before he arrived on the scene, Biden says you must be xenophobic. We’ve been bombarded by that term recently, primarily used disparagingly to push back on everyone’s alleged selfish self-interest. Being accused of being a xenophobe is not a compliment and means:

  1. Having a fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners
  2. Having abnormal fear or hatred of the strange or foreign.

The Biden Administration sees Xenophobia as a disease that he must root out, isolating and attacking those who have a fear of immigrants overrunning our country, generally stifling debate. In a May 3rd NYT newsletter, I read the following statement:

Biden, defending America’s history of immigration, called Japan and India — U.S. allies — xenophobic and said that China and Russia “don’t want immigrants.”

Clearly, President Biden is making war not only on his citizens but also on Japan and India, our essential and valued allies. Japan and India find value in preserving their individual cultures intact, which is inconsistent with mass immigration. Attaching evil actors China and Russia in the same sweeping statement attempts to smear them with the same brush, a classical debate tactic to support the thesis that somehow this amounts to guilt by association. In actuality, it is nothing more than rank brutishness that should be beneath the leader of the free world. Uttering such words is a slap in the face to important allies who won’t change their positions. Likely realizing how far away America has moved from its founding principles. With the door opening to mass immigration of Palestinians on the table, this argument will explode. This is on top of the recent announcement that Palestinians living in the U.S. will be shielded from deportation, the White House announced.


Is Calling Immigration Concerns ‘Xenophobic’ a Political Weapon?


Claims of Xenophobia appear to be (much like claims of racism) just another tool to isolate those Americans who see what is currently happening with illegal immigration as a direct threat to the survival of our country. Most are not in accord with Biden on illegal immigration and its future effect on our citizen’s ability to live and work in peace and prosperity. Americans are not xenophobic; it wasn’t its citizenry who decided that America must become the lead nation of the Progressives One World New Order.

Immigration history, both here and around the world, is important. Xenophobia is not a disease according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). It would not surprise many if we believed that the government might seek to classify anyone who disagrees with the State as having a mental illness. Keep in mind how China and Russia commonly treat dissidents as mentally ill. Thankfully, our policies have not reached that level quite yet. But, Biden, using the term xenophobic, is laying the groundwork for enforcement actions against anyone expressing revulsion at mass immigration into our country. Identified as either;

  • Ultra Maga will soon be listed as a disease in the DSM if Progressives get their way.
  • Hate Speechinterferes with the rights of immigrants who come here supposedly for a potpourri of human rights issues.  And we all know how the Justice Department and Progressive District Attorneys feel it is God’s work going after anyone who speaks ill of migrants or much of what conservatives hold dear.

To accomplish this next step, Biden must demonize some of our few major allies who have not yet drunk the Kool-Aid of Progressive imperatives. Europe is a basket case, with no country being able to claim that mass immigration, especially immigration by Islamic elements, is going smoothly, mainly as crime is rampant.

Here are a few European Cities with Muslim immigrant populations and their impact on the host countries:

  • There were 1,318,755 Muslims reported in the 2021 census in the Greater London area.  Office for National Statistics reports the proportion of Muslims in London had risen to 15% of the population, making Islam the second largest religion in the city after Christianity.
  • The Paris metropolitan region, or “aire urbaine,” is estimated to be home to some 1.7 million Muslims, making up between 10–15 percent of the area’s population.  However, without official data, the margin of error of these estimates is exceptionally high.
  • An estimated 300,000-420,000 Muslims reside in Berlin, making up about 8-11 percent of the population.
  • The exact number of Muslims in Belgium is unknown, but various sources estimate that 4.0% to 7.6% of the country’s population adheres to Islam.
  • Officially, there are 196,000 migrants in Madrid, but that number could be twice as high, according to Statistica.
  • Rome, as well as Italy, is a major stopover country, with at least 1.6 million immigrants residing there.

Overall, European Muslims are projected to increase as a share of Europe’s population – even with no future additional migration and will eventually become the dominant culture. Europe is currently believed to contain about 30 million migrants, comprising over 6% of its total population. Truthfully, no one knows the actual numbers.


Biden Administration Under Fire:-


Circling back to our Xenophobic title, we are left with the proposition that the Biden Administration, which has admitted some ten million illegal migrants (referred to as known, got-aways, and those undetected) largely unvetted and with questionable qualifications for admittance, the Biden administration is allowing them to rampage through our cities with super privileged rights to everything we have. Our native population is outraged to the point where it is the number one issue of likely voters, according to some polls.

Our takeaway today is that Biden, by demonizing those who resist his permissive mass immigration actions and messaging, is no different than chastising our allies for caring more for their native-born children than for illegal immigrants. Immigrants who are economic migrants or here for nefarious purposes in too many cases. Americans, in no small measure, believe there are many criminal elements while others are here to game our system or to live the high life with little effort or responsibility. On top of this, Progressives want to make migrants into citizens who are then expected and assumed to vote Democratic. All to ensure that Democrats will no longer ever have to fear losing power and, leading to the creation of a Marxist America.

We must ask ourselves, as well as our elected representatives, what future do we desire? Will it be one where we have no say or where We, The People, decide our future? That is the real question we should keep at the forefront of our minds as we watch in horror too many students with brainwashed minds run wild in our universities and who will eventually be leading our country. Is this what we want?

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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