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America leads the free world in technology, finance, and, unfortunately, negative social mores. In recent years, we have been the poster child for a great nation transitioning to a shadow of its former self. This has been caused by deliberately poisoning our society by introducing intentional social conflict. Let’s talk about that a bit today.

Progressives use the term “White Supremacist” as one of their most potent weapons and wield it like the razer-edged sword that it is. When that term is used on someone who is not Woke enough, it often has devastating effects on them, their family, and even their employment prospects. It can invade their freedom of association as others turn their backs on the accused. An allegation of white supremacy needs no legal court to convict, has no appeals process, and can follow a victim forever.

Definition of White Supremacist:-


The definition of White Supremacist as given by Merriam Webster is:

A person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races

There is perhaps no more charged subject in America today than the assumption that most whites are potentially, if not actual, White Supremacists. We hear that from virtually every level of our government and social institutions. Its supposed existence in the military is being rooted out to the detriment of a necessary warrior spirit, which itself is considered racist.

Indeed, there are some actual White Supremacists, mostly in gangs in prison and vestiges of groups like the KKK and some militias. However, mainstream America moved on decades ago. So why is our country so laser-focused on the subject that it requires DEI Commissars with the power to control or destroy lives in government, industry, education, and pretty much everywhere? These people have indeed become our new American Nazis.

Identity Politics or Equality? Impact on White Identity:-


Could it be that the idea itself has become a powerful and unassailable tool of the Left, not to raise the status of non-whites but to destroy the status of whites? And, if so, why and what for? Today, we’ll discuss America’s most overarching power center—Race Politics and its weapon, tarring those with the brush of white supremacy.

So, knowing that my audience is overwhelmingly white, how many of you know any actual white supremacists? I don’t mean people who think there are differences between the races. I mean nasty, loud, obnoxious haters who frequently are anti-Semitic and who also hate Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. I don’t think I know of a single one, do you? If the problem of ‘white supremacy’ was indeed as pervasive and significant as Progressives and Marxists tell you it is, why don’t you know a raft of such haters? Consider this my first proof that White Supremacy is not a national problem.

Next, I ask you this. Of all our Presidents, Cabinet members, Senators, Representatives, Governors, and other high-elected officials of the past 30 years, how many do you know or suspect have been or are White Supremacists? Again, I don’t know of a single one, do you? Is there an organized White Supremacist party? Are authors writing popular books or blogs that have millions of readers with followers pushing that divisive message? I think not.  Consider this my second proof that White Supremacy is not a real issue in America today.

Mixed-Race Unity Prevails:-


When was the last time you heard about any laws or demonstrations against mixed-racial marriages? Are there large social clubs, entire schools, or ‘whites only’ anything left in America today? If all of the above is true, then I’m left wondering why race seems to be such a primary factor in America today. Why is the whipping boy of white supremacy talked about continually and without challenge by much of the media? It is undoubtedly a hot-button item for our government officials as well as for law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, who frequently cite Domestic Terrorism (code for white supremacy) as America’s greatest danger. Are we finally beginning to understand that such warnings reinforce a narrative of forced societal change and a not-so-thinly veiled threat that anyone who impedes DEI initiatives is an enemy of society? How many of my readers think that?  Let me know if you do!

What if I made the case that much of what is blamed on whites is much more common among Blacks and Hispanics than Whites? Who will speak up to say “Hear!  Hear!” when the result could easily be someone’s societal canceling? Could civil or criminal (depending on the jurisdiction) legal action be initiated for those asserting what used to be identified as everyone’s right to free speech? Our country seems to be not so free any longer! And, as I frequently point out, the loudest voices professing that America is “racist” are almost always White!  How can that be?

Rights Demand, Dissent Diminishes:-


Think about these things as we become more docile and submissive to mobs who demand their rights be respected and enforced even as they stridently suppress your right to disagree:


  • The White Progressives, Marxists, Socialists, and others who push the race card so hard are paradoxically primarily White people. Are those who drive this issue not as interested in white supremacy as they are in changing America to their idea of what we should be?
  • Does the intrusive issue of white supremacy prevent a national dialogue about how we can provide more opportunities for all? Equity, one of their weapons, has moved on to the punitive stage of their war, concentrating now on redistribution, reparations, and permanent subsidies. This is dramatically foreign to America’s evolution. It denigrates our belief in individualism and the freedom to succeed or fail, core strengths of our country’s success.
  • Concepts of Free Speech and Hate Speech are colliding as an entirely new weapon begins to reign supreme. To attain their goals, speech is now considered to be a form of actual violence. Proponents dictate that one group is now superior to that of the other. The losing group is deemed to have lost its standing by being labeled white supremacists or simply by being born white and entitled!
  • Finally, the trump card (no, not that other Trump): in this new orientation and new dogma, only the oppressed now have legitimate claims to having their rights violated and the ability to have their claims taken seriously. In this manner, Whites are now clearly transitioning into the lowest caste of Americans.Entire divisions of government exist to redress perceived wrongs of minorities, never Whites. Whites have no standingin most cases to bring suit for discrimination under much federal law.


This is how aggressive social justice warriors have seized the scales of justice, preventing an accurate assay of what is right and wrong. Until and unless we are willing to confront the false terms levied against us, there is no real hope.

At present, Whites have turned away from the conflict for fear of being labeled white supremacists. But far worse consequences await us if we don’t fight against this dangerous tactic.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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