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You’ve heard it before:Biden has been on the wrong side of every significant issue for the last 50 years. Some of my Democrat friends were uncomfortable discussing Biden’s track record even before he became president. How is it, then, that Biden claims he’s hitting it out of the park every time he’s up at bat? We have heard the adage, “Give so and so enough rope, and they’ll hang themselves.” Let’s examine how Biden jumps from issue to issue to try and spin otherwise bad news.


Enough Digging on Immigration:-


Obama was said to have pulled Biden aside after that recent mega-millions donor soiree at Radio City Music Hall to tell him to stop digging a hole on the immigration issue. “Change the subject, Joe, it’s a loser, and you can’t reform it. Move on to something new to tout your successes. I’ll have the media cover for you.” Biden took the advice, moving on to additional student debt relief and back to his base course of attacking Trump, whom the Left considers the anti-Christ, with no other justification required.

President Clinton had a strategy he called ‘Triangulation.’ From Wikipedia comes the definition and a playbook:

In politics, Triangulation is a strategy associated with U.S. President Bill Clinton in the 1990s.  The politician presents a position as being above or between the left and right sides of a democratic political spectrum.  It involves adopting for oneself some of the ideas of one’s political opponent.

Currently, Biden has two issues he’s presently triangulating:

  1. The war between Israel and Hamas
  2. The widely perceived belief that America is on the wrong track

On both issues, Biden has chosen to ride the fence that separates two distinctly different strategies and priorities between his Progressive left and the producing people’s will. Strikingly, Biden’s hard-left base is in the minority, even in his own party, on both issues.  However, he can’t govern without their signoff.


Containment Diplomacy – Biden Administration:-


It’s an Alice in Wonderland world watching Biden and his A-Team telling all who will listen how Israel has lost the moral high ground and must now be contained as if it were some third-world power run amuck. Biden ignores the reality that Israel is the aggrieved party. These are the salient facts (not Biden’s campaign rhetoric) that must drive the debate:

On October 7th, 2023, in a coordinated attack, multiple Iranian franchise militias entered Israel from Gaza led by three thousand bloodthirsty terrorists who proceeded to kill over 1,200 civilians. They raped women and took about 250 hostages as their insurance policy against a massive Israeli retaliation.

But the Iranian militias figured it wrong.  Israel counter-attacked to the immediate cries of genocide with the families of the hostages wailing inconsolably, wanting their loved ones back with no conditions—an impossible way to fight against an actual existential threat. The result:  Point Hamas, point Israel…standoff. It’s nearly impossible to find a way to fight against the evil that is Hamas in a gentlemanly manner that the world demands only of Israel. Where’s the world’s indignation for Russia’s indiscriminate killing of civilians and its attempt to starve the world of grain? We must keep in mind that you are fighting terrorists that have no concern for life.

Because we live in a post-truth world, Biden’s election team adapted to the narrative that Israel haters spun of an oppressive Israel as the bad actor, creating a real threat for him politically. How can he expect to ride two different horses simultaneously and keep control of the narrative? While shipping Israel all the bombs and rockets it needed to pursue the war, he also was taking Israel to the woodshed and demanding a cease-fire that would only benefit Hamas. These strategies cannot be reconciled.


Urban Combat Challenge – Israel Presses Forward:-


Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and the world received their first public pronouncements of total support: ‘wipe the bastards out.’  Then reality set in as Israel commenced the most complicated form of war, i.e. Urban Combat.  Americans, who had been largely unsuccessful in fighting that kind of war, said Israel couldn’t do it either. But Israel went ahead anyway, and they have been successful, albeit with the inevitable loss of too many non-combatants.

Progressives couldn’t acknowledge such a truth, so they began to quote daily death tolls (supplied, of course, by Hamas and accepted as accurate, which never included how many Hamas fighters and other terrorists were killed). They instead emphasized the number of women and children killed, a significant number of which were combatants. Hamas propagandists continually highlighted their deaths and ignored Hamas’s tactic of using actual civilians as human shields, which the press never mentions! The inevitable consequence we see playing out with Israel effectively hobbled with Hamas claiming the moral high ground.

Tell me, why doesn’t the press demand Hamas surrender and release all its hostages without conditions? Isn’t that the logical question? It is precisely here, on that single issue, that the biases of the press and politicians everywhere are exposed. The connection to our title is obvious: Biden is reactive to the dominant media instead of laying out the righteousness of the fight for the press. Biden gives the press the ability to attack him at will.  Presidents must lead and not engage in spin!

The Right Track / Wrong Track numbers show that almost three-quarters of the country believes we are on the wrong track.  Biden owns this path. This is further evidence of Biden’s leadership failures.

The most intense loathing I feel for Biden stems from his current actions. He’s changing the subject using taxpayer money to overcome narrative deficits elsewhere. The Supreme Court has already ruled on the constitutionality of Biden’s intent to pay off student debt. That’s not stopping him, as the appearance alone of his caring is expected to win back and solidify his base of youthful supporters.


Daily Dilemmas – Biden’s Missteps Create Opportunities:-


Biden stumbles around in a minefield where he will inevitably step wrong. Each day’s news offers him the opportunity to screw up, leading to the Whitehouse’s spinmeisters’ next chance to step in it. Perhaps the most significant threat Biden faces is his adopted Triangulation strategy. Clinton had an innate sense of the people, which Biden and most of his Progressive handlers don’t.

I foresee that there will be an event occurring between now and election time that completely blows up Biden’s narratives and his ability to reform it. He may yet be exposed to be the mentally challenged laggard he’s always been. Even Dr. Jill won’t be able to save him. Remember that fewer than 300,000 votes in several states would have changed the last election result. Both Biden and Trump are keenly aware of that. Still stuck in the basement, Biden has few means of countering that reality, while Trump appears able to teach a master class on being light on your feet!

The next few months will be interesting, and it will be a nail-biter right up to November 5th! In the meantime, I’ll keep listening for that bang after he steps once too often on the wrong side of history!

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot

Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist. Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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